Garage Roller Doors Repairs

StarDoorService Perth Star Doors Service & Repairs Unit 1, 109 Winton Road Joondalup, WA, 6027 Ph: (08) 9301 1919 Fax: (08) 9300 9088 Email: Website: People searched: you can find roller door repair in Perth more on garage door repair services in Perth find out about Guardian garage doors the best in the business […]

Passive Fire Protection

trafalgar access panels

Three Ways to Fireproof an Office Building Commercial premises are required by Australian law to maintain a particular level of safety and security in order to remain functional. When it comes to fire proofing and passive fire protection there are some products on the market that can be far more effective than others. In this […]

Make your garden beautiful with the tree removals specialists, trim the palms and remove the stumps.

Gardening Services The treatment and maintenance of trees and larger bushes is something that should only ever be undertaken by expert gardeners and tree surgeons. Anything less than this and the project could end up taking a negative toll on the plant life around it. Tree removals in particular are some of the most involved […]

It Is Vital To Keep Your Air Conditioning Serviced To Avoid Repairs

AC Units

Air Conditioning Come Out For Both Repairs and Maintenance All Over Sydney What Issues Can Result in an HVAC System Needing Repair Heating, ventilation and air conditioning units (or HVAC systems for short) are responsible for providing both hot and cold air, depending on their user’s requirement. Although most manufacturers (Haier, VS and other reputable […]

Will The Brisbane Property Market Perform As Well As The Rest Of Australia In 2017

forecasts for the Melbourne property market for 2017

The Facts behind the Brisbane Property Market Forecasts for 2017 Just last week, the Home Value Index Agency released their latest survey catering to the Brisbane property market 2017 and its first quarter. With several other regions experiencing a decline in market values (of which have been detrimental to home owners), these same areas have […]

What does the Australian property market have in store for Melbourne & Sydney in 2017?

forecasts for the Melbourne property market for 2017

Melbourne property market forecast 2017 Melbourne Property Market Forecast 2017 and What it Means for Buyers After a recent study was undertaken by the Home Value Index (HVI) agency, many experts have been considering the possibility of next year’s property market in and around Melbourne taking somewhat of a decline throughout the course of 2017. […]

Don’t Do Your Garage Roller Door Repairs Yourself – it needs an expert touch

garage door repairs by Star Door in Perth

Roller Door Repairs For Your Garage Roller doors are amazing and provide a myriad of functional benefits for their users. They provide superior protection against the elements (wind and rain), provide insulation and save space by not swinging outwards or inwards like conventional doors. It is because of these advantages why any structural damage to […]

When getting a call out to repair household appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine you need a reliable company

When getting dishwasher, fridge, washing machine and stove repairs, sometimes prevention is the first call Don’t overload your washing machine Most washers will have a clearly defined weight marked on them and this will typically be in kilograms. Going over by a few hundred grams might not cause a problem, but if you over-stuff your […]

RCD is now a safety requirement and all Air Conditioning Installations require one

installing RCD in western australia

RCD Installation & Air Conditioning Installers Perth Electrical Services – Commercial DLEletrical has in-house capabilities for design, installation and ongoing maintenance of commercial electrical installations and RCD installations. Over the last 48 years WMcA has been involved with many new buildings and alterations around Hobart and Tasmania. These have included hospitals, schools, office buildings, residential […]

Installing an IP CCTV Wireless Security Camera system around your home helps you sleep at night

Wireless CCTV Security Being able to monitor and record your home with wireless CCTV is something that most homeowners will need to consider for security in a big city, as well as home owners hoping to add a little extra security to their properties. With thefts and burglaries on the increase, statistics suggest that criminals […]