Three Effective Duct Cleaning Methods

Three Effective Duct Cleaning Methods

Ducts have been used for centuries to help with ventilation and filtration, and these days it’s not uncommon to see them featured within chimneys, furnaces, and fireplaces in general. Although most are constructed in a way that can minimise dirt and grime build up, it can be important to give them a quick clean from time to time (at least twice a year as experts recommend).

As grime builds up, toxic liquids can begin to seep back downward and into the source of heat; often resulting in chemical fumes that can sometimes be harmful to those nearby. To avoid these events it’s best to keep a duct as clean and clear as possible, and within this article we’ll be covering three effective duct cleaning methods that can be done at home.

The extraction technique

Many duct cleaning agencies such as HomeProsGroupEdmonton make use of extraction tools and hardware, and as expected this cleaning method typically relies on the utilization of high powered fans to suck dirt, debris, and grime out of a vent or shaft. Most devices will come complete with sealant accessories to ensure that the shaft is air tight, making it fairly straight forward to suck dirt and potential obstructions from the duct.

Chemical cleaning

Although the word chemical is often associated with risk and danger, when it comes to cleaning a duct there are some chemicals that can be ideal for breaking down stubborn oils and fumes that have turned into liquid. In these cases you may need to gain access to the duct itself, and this can often require the removal of a furnace and its surrounding components. The chemicals can then be wiped across the surface of the shaft, or applied to a cleaning accessory that can be slid up and into the vent.

Hiring a professional duct cleaning company

Cleaning a chimney, especially one that is used often, can be quite challenging for those without the knowledge and expertise to do so efficiently. Hiring an expert duct cleaning agency can help to remove stress and effort, whilst offering the best quality results. Most agencies will have access to the most effective cleaning equipment and facilities. Being able to rely on an expert to come out and take care of the cleaning from time to time can be very beneficial, especially if they offer a low rate and reliable results.

In most cases a quick clean can be sufficient, but there can be times where dirt and debris fall from external sources, or when brickwork suffers with damage and crumbles into the duct; possibly causing a blockage. In these cases it’s important not to disrupt the blockage, as it can result in more damage occurring within the shaft. Instead, hiring an expert may be the better option – as they will likely be able to identify the best course of action