Passive Fire Protection

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Three Ways to Fireproof an Office Building

Commercial premises are required by Australian law to maintain a particular level of safety and security in order to remain functional. When it comes to fire proofing and passive fire protection there are some products on the market that can be far more effective than others. In this piece, we’ll be identifying three of the most beneficial products available – and seeing how they work.

Intumescent Fire Dampers

IFDs, or intumescent fire dampers as they are commonly referred to in full, come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be fitted into ceilings, floors and walls in equal measure. They rely on a unique mechanism that allows air flow to take place within particular features (i.e. where they are installed), whilst restricting the movement of fire if it ever occurs. They can be especially useful when containing fire within a particular location and some models can be fitted with exhaust fans to stop fire from being able to spread outside of a room, whilst other measures help to quell the blaze.


This branded product is one of dozens available on the market; although it is widely considered that FyreWrap is one of the most effective. When purchased it takes on the appearance of a roll of silver material, but it is the composition of this material that actually makes it so effective for use against fires. It is so strong and durable that it can withstand even the most excessive levels of heat from fire for between two and three hours – allowing for more than enough time for emergency services to arrive and put out the blaze. Additionally, the material will protect anything that it is wrapped around from heat and smoke.

Fire Doors

As their name might suggest, fire doors are ideal for containing fire within particular rooms. The majority can withstand the highest temperatures without difficulty – and there are even some on the market that rely on a unique carbon-polymer composition that can help them to stand strong and remain resilient when everything around them crumbles. When paired with advanced fireproof walls, floors and ceilings it can be possible to put an immediate end to fires caused by electrical faults. Furthermore, fire doors can be installed in place of regular ones and when combined with FyreWrap products and other similar fire-resistant accessories, the concerns caused by fire will be fairly minimal to say the least.

Although all offices will be responsible for ensuring that they comply with Australian health and safety laws, the fact that the above products are so effective and can last for a lifetime can be more than enough reason to consider investing in them. They are as affordable as they are effective and when using them within an office building; the risk of fire damage can be all but eliminated