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Adding New Features to a Home

In Austin, Texas, it’s a legal obligation for home owners to apply to the local land registry office whenever they wish to undertake a renovation on a home. In order to add new features to a home, the same application process will need to be followed – and once approved, the owner will be free to pursue their remodelling project however they see fit.

One of the most effective ways to increase the chance of obtaining approval is by investing in the services of a licensed and certified home building service such as Glazier Homes; a specialist service operating in Austin. These custom home builders have helped hundreds of their clients to enjoy entirely personalised properties from the ground up – and unlike regular construction companies that simply strive to provide the shell of the new home; Glazier specialise in developing concept diagrams, floor plans, interior design and furnishing.

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Adding a new feature to a home

A new feature can be as small as a new driveway, or a brand new set of walls – or even adding a new room to the property. These features are best left to the professionals to manage and in many instances, this will be a legal requirement in order for the land authorities to approve an application. For home owners, the choice of features that can be added to their house can be wide and varied and can often include:


Conservatories and porches are some of the most popular additions to homes in Texas, and when hiring a custom home building agency, they can offer a range of styles and features to choose from. From those that feature large glass panels to add a little more luxury to the property, to the types that offer traditional aesthetics to provide a classier look to a home; the options are almost endless.


If a home could benefit from a new driveway, then a reliable construction company could certainly help. There are some like Glazier Homes that specialise in the development of these types of features; from the types that utilise small pebbles to provide a smooth surface for vehicles to park on, to those that feature tiles and slabs of rock instead.

Attic Extensions

Being able to put an attic to good use can be a dream for most home owners as the majority will find themselves relying on the space for storage purposes. When converting these features, especially with the help of a licensed renovation company, the potential to take full advantage of the space available and turn the location into another functional room can be far easier to take advantage of.

These are just a few of the most common types of features that can be added to a home and a good custom home construction agency will undoubtedly be able to present dozens more