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Adding New Features to a Home

In Austin, Texas, it’s a legal obligation for home owners to apply to the local land registry office whenever they wish to undertake a renovation on a home. In order to add new features to a home, the same application process will need to be followed – and once approved, the owner will be free to pursue their remodelling project however they see fit.

One of the most effective ways to increase the chance of obtaining approval is by investing in the services of a licensed and certified home building service such as Glazier Homes; a specialist service operating in Austin. These custom home builders have helped hundreds of their clients to enjoy entirely personalised properties from the ground up – and unlike regular construction companies that simply strive to provide the shell of the new home; Glazier specialise in developing concept diagrams, floor plans, interior design and furnishing.

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Adding a new feature to a home

A new feature can be as small as a new driveway, or a brand new set of walls – or even adding a new room to the property. These features are best left to the professionals to manage and in many instances, this will be a legal requirement in order for the land authorities to approve an application. For home owners, the choice of features that can be added to their house can be wide and varied and can often include:


Conservatories and porches are some of the most popular additions to homes in Texas, and when hiring a custom home building agency, they can offer a range of styles and features to choose from. From those that feature large glass panels to add a little more luxury to the property, to the types that offer traditional aesthetics to provide a classier look to a home; the options are almost endless.


If a home could benefit from a new driveway, then a reliable construction company could certainly help. There are some like Glazier Homes that specialise in the development of these types of features; from the types that utilise small pebbles to provide a smooth surface for vehicles to park on, to those that feature tiles and slabs of rock instead.

Attic Extensions

Being able to put an attic to good use can be a dream for most home owners as the majority will find themselves relying on the space for storage purposes. When converting these features, especially with the help of a licensed renovation company, the potential to take full advantage of the space available and turn the location into another functional room can be far easier to take advantage of.

These are just a few of the most common types of features that can be added to a home and a good custom home construction agency will undoubtedly be able to present dozens more

Industrial tools that can help you do renovations around the home available at good suppliers

industrial tools

Supliers of Three of the Most Effective Industrial Grade Tools

When visiting a DIY store, most customers looking for tools will often head straight to the most affordable section in a bid to minimise their costs, without sacrificing on the results of their projects. Most tools will be built to last – with many offering between two and five year warrantees for a little extra reassurance.

But if there’s one thing that these accessories can lack, it’s the power and performance that can most commonly be found within industrial tools – or those that are used for professional purposes. These products rely on advanced motors, reinforced structures and a host of other attributes, which make them as efficient as they are versatile.

Due to their high performance nature, they can be quite a lot more expensive than regular alternatives, but there are a few particular variants that boast very similar prices to their lesser counterparts. Here’s a closer look at five of them, what they can do and an idea of the price tags that they carry.

Angle Grinders

Capable of cutting through wood and steel with ease, not to mention also featuring interchangeable disks that can be used to grind, sand and cut – angle grinders are a must for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. Basic versions can cost anywhere up to $300 in Australia, but considering that the FLEX Angle Grinder 1400W L3410FR can be purchased for just $313.50, you’ll be getting an industrial grade tool at a very low price.


A heavy duty drill can make a lot of difference to any DIY project and considering basic models can cost between $400 and $800, whilst running at 500W, you might find that spending a little extra will be worth the investment. Powerful drills do require more energy, but they are capable of going through most materials with ease. The UNITEC Core Drill comes in at $2,400 (compared to other models at over $3,000) – but with a huge warranty and 2000W of power behind it, this is an investment that could outlast lesser models by decades.

Table Saws

Most contractors will rely on table saws to cut and shape wood, steel and other materials – but due to their functionality and size, they can often cost well over $6,000. There are cheaper alternatives however, such as the Raimondi Exploit 70 MY15 Saw – a device capable of cutting through metal as easily as tiles. At just under $2,100 this table tool can last for decades and as the disks are interchangeable, there’s always the option of buying spare saws as older ones wear away.

Each of these tools can offer incredible results at very fair prices. Although investing a few thousand dollars into a device may seem like a pretty hefty sum; it’s worth noting that these tools are built to last and can often be much cheaper than having to buy a variety of lower quality tools over the same amount of time.

Wall and feature removal can open up the space in your home to a modern open plan design

Hiring a Contractor on a Small budget

Construction projects can be as wide and varied as a home owner could imagine and with so many unique tasks and specialities offered by contractors; it can be vital to find one that can promise to meet your expectations. Whether you’re in need of a workman for a quick tile removal project, or if you have something a little more extensive in mind – the chances are that you won’t want to have to fork out hundreds of dollars when you may be able to receive the same service by going with someone else.

Now it’s fairly safe to assume that larger builds and developments will be much more expensive than say, your average floor sawing task – but even these bigger projects can vary in price depending on the agency chosen. As there’s no set fee for varying construction tasks, it will never be possible to define an actual cost per project; but there’s really no harm in approaching a few different providers to obtain a set of different costs.

Knowing what to look for when considering hiring a construction company for a specific project, like wall removal for example can also help to cut costs as you will simply be able to provide information on the type of material needing addressing, as well as its size. This can save the cost of an evaluation fee, or you could simply consider opting for a provider that offers a free, no obligation evaluation instead.

What is it that increases prices?

There are several things that can affect a quote, from the cost of labour, all the way to materials and resources. When on a budget, it’s not always an option to pick the most expensive materials that can offer more durability and longevity than cheaper alternatives. When these events arise, there’s no greater source of information than a construction company, as they will undoubtedly have a firm understanding of the types of resources available.

There will always remain the factor of budget however, but another important point to consider is that if a contractor doesn’t specialise in a particular activity that you’d like them to undertake; then they may charge more for their efforts. This makes finding a specialist agency very important – so much so that it’s actually well worth taking extra time to find an affordable expert that specialises in what it is that you require.

It can be quite easy to identify the types of traits that specialists possess; in fact many will actively promote their strongest assets via their websites. If you’re looking to have wood cut in to shape for your flooring, then you will want to avoid typical hammer and screw contractors, in favour of those with access to relevant tools and facilities that can help.

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North Shore Pipe Relining Plumber Installing Control Valves

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Check demolition companies out for a stylish rebuild

demolition companies sydney


Not only that, but good design should also incorporate materials that have a low environmental impact and are sustainable. It’s a philosophical shift that led to this year being declared the Year of the Built Environment (YBE 2004) across Australia – an initiative that’s designed to encourage Australians to celebrate and understand how structures, buildings and general surrounds make a difference to their quality of life. According to Caroline Pidcock, NSW president of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, it’s an important opportunity for Australians to question and understand how various principles affect the structures, buildings and streetscapes which form our built environment – and have a great impact on our lives and those of future Australians.

The YBE 2004 also addresses how important it is to make well-designed, architectural houses more accessible to the wider community, especially when they employ a professional demolition company and modern builders – something James Hardie is committed to and which is becoming increasingly important to your average new-home buyer. Recent Australian research* into home exterior preferences has shown that most people regard the exterior of their home as an expression of their individuality. They’re looking for an exterior that’s stylish, comfortable, enduring and characteristically Australian. If you think that means brick, think again.

The same survey showed that while Australian new-home buyers have largely owned brick homes in the past, most would prefer a non-brick look for their new

Property Buyers Agents Can Work To A Brief

Property Buyers Agent Cohen Handler was selected to develop the following brief for the potential buyers of a Melbourne home.

“The home is a traditional single-storey, two-bedroom Victorian weatherboard cottage on a wide, open, tram-lined street,” says Christopher. “A two storey solid brick extension, added in the 1980’s, comprises a spiral staircase and two very large bedrooms at the rear. The family hopes to blend the indoor/outdoor area, add an en suite downstairs, a loo upstairs, and strike a fine balance between Victorian and modern style.”

In his Archicentre Renovation Report, Christopher does not tamper with the heritage-protected façade. He creates a walk-in-robe off the master bedroom with private access to the communal bathroom, which would replace the existing living room.

Moving into the hub of the house, Christopher uses the existing dining area to propose a magnificent staircase. “The new stair will back on to a glass wall that extends to the ceiling, treated with opaque glass or corrugated fibreglass to allow diffused light to shine through.”

Behind the glass staircase wall would be a skinny light court. Meanwhile under the stairs, a storage unit and opposite the fridge, a washer and dryer concealed behind panels.

The existing spiral staircase and bathroom comes down and in its place a neatly geometric kitchen equipped with an indoor/outdoor bench to house the fridge, the hot plates and passing through a window wall to the garden, a barbeque with additional bench space for food/drink preparation.

In a word: civilised.

“We considered keeping the kitchen where it presently is,“ says Christopher, ” but felt that the new location is a better sitting space. There’s a good view from there and it’s a nice, undisturbed pocket. At the moment, a lot of this area is the transitional walking space and we wanted an area that is out of the way for sitting, a space ideal for a long couch, a coffee table and a backdrop wall to hang art.”

Up the stairs leads to an expanded first floor children’s wing with roomy landing, study nook, two dedicated bedrooms with wardrobes, bathroom to share and highlight windows to obtain good afternoon reading light. “The kid’s domain should offer an agreeable journey up stairs with northern light filtering through over the kitchen.”

Estimated project costs ranged between:

Item Low est High est
Additions/refurbishments $65,000 $90,000
Kitchen $ 20,000 $30,000
WIR $   3,000 $  4,000
Bathrooms $ 25,000 $34,000
Bedroom robes $  3,000 $  5,000
Joinery – living room, study $10,000 $20,000
Dining room $  4,000 $  6,000
General repairs $  5,000 $10,000
Heating $  5,000 $  8,000
TOTAL $140,000 $207,000

Best Luxury Home Builder Designs For Beach Houses

The site of Best Luxury Home Builder Designs For Beach Houses in Perth

The site is a vacant block in a small street close to the beach. Most of the blocks in the street have been built on. The rear of the block abuts a foreshore reserve and faces north. There is a slight slope towards the rear. The soil conditions appear to be sandy.
A test will be required to establish the exact conditions.

There are some trees and shrubs at the front and rear of the site and down the east side.
Nothing substantial! The foreshore reserve has coastal tea trees and banksias. A path winds through this reserve from the property to the Ventnor beach.

From the beach the houses in an adjoining street are not visible above the coastal vegetation. There are established two storey houses on the east and west sides. Both houses are typical light weight ‘shadow line’ style holiday houses partly supported on steel columns. There is a sewerage easement along the east side.

News related to first home buyers grant increases in Perth

First homebuyers grant increased

THOSE struggling to buy their first home have been given an extra boost with the WA Government increasing the First Home Owners Grant as well as Keystart lending criteria. The grant has increased by $5000 up from $10,000 and will take effect from January 1,2017 for 12 months.

Clients’ requirements
A four page brief was provided by the clients. This was discussed at the pre-report stage meeting and notes were made. At the meeting and as later advised, the following requirements were noted:

  • The ground floor will most likely be raised up to increase the overall height of the house and to ensure there is the best possible views from the first floor balcony over the coastal reserve vegetation.
  • If necessary the clients would like to obtain a Planning Permit if it means there is the possibility to increase the height above 7 metres.
  • The lift may be required. A position should be reserved for it anyway. A Chair lift is an alternative.
  • A separate powder room will not be required at first floor because the en-suite will also cater for the visitors when necessary.
  • Bath not required in ground floor bathroom.
  • Separate toilet and bathroom required at ground floor.
  • No shower in laundry.
  • Bedroom 4 can be smaller as chairs in living area will be adequate.
  • Treadmill and exercise bike space required.
  • Drum kit also needs storage space.
  • Sewing machine space required (can be used on a table).

The proposal
The main design features are:

  • Main approach from existing crossing at the south west corner has been retained and accentuated. Also retain entrance shrubs and trees near street.
  • Free standing garage or carport on the east side will dominate the approach view to the house.
  • Upon arrival at the entrance to the house there will be views through the glazed lobby to the ground floor unit and the stairs to the first floor. This will provide a straightforward and safe approach to all accessing the house whether they residents, guests or visitors.
  • A lift could be positioned in the lobby area.
  • The building will be set back from the side boundaries the minimum distance so as to provide the maximum north facing aspect across the beach frontage.
  • The ground floor will be raised on a suspended concrete slab or concrete slab on fill.
  • The deck level at first floor will be raised as high as possible. Levels and roof lines may need to be manipulated to obtain this outcome. The final height and set back profile will be subject to council approval (or VCAT decision).
  • The deck at ground floor level will be approximately 800mm above ground level.
  • Living areas and north facing bedrooms at ground level and first floors will have large double glazed windows and doors providing optimum views towards the beach.
  • Ground and first floor kitchens will be on the south sides of the living areas.
  • The ground floor bedrooms 2 and 3 will have garden views towards the street.
  • Windows will be powder coated aluminium or weather resistant timber.
  • First floor structure will be pine trusses.
  • The roof will be Colorbond tray deck.
  • Walls, floors and roof space will be heavily insulated.
  • We recommend an electric boosted solar hot water unit and rain water tank to flush toilets.
  • Data and voice cabling will be provided to all main rooms.
  • Passive solar design features include north facing double glazing, overhangs and balcony sun protection, ventilation fans, vents in ceiling and a concrete slab.

Opinion of probable costs
Based on current rates, subject to a more detailed site inspection and based on competitive tending, the opinion of probable cost is:

Item Low est High est
Site preparation $   6,000 $   8,000
Fill for slab or suspended slab $ 12,000 $ 15,000
New building works, balcony and deck $280,000 $320,000
Fitout first flr kitchen $ 15,000 $ 18,000
Fitout ensuite $ 15,000 $ 18,000
Fitout grd flr kitchen $ 10,000 $ 12,000
Fitout grd flr bathroom and toilet $ 12,000 $ 14,000
Fitout laundry $ 10,000 $ 12,000
Garage $ 30,000 $ 35,000
Dtiveway topping $   4,000 $   6,000
Total excl GST $394,000 $458,000

This doesn’t include:

  •  Fences or gates
  •  Electrical appliances
  •  Light fittings
  •  Consultant fees and permit fees
  •  Service connections to site
  •  Building + Planning Permit fees
  •  Landscaping

What Scyon™ products could be used?

To work with the Colorbond sheeting and galvanized steel recommended by the architects for the external walls the cladding products like Scyon™ Matrix™ or Linea™ weatherboard may be appropriate.