Social media advertising on Facebook to sell your home

how to sell your home using facebooks inner west

What Options Are Available to Homeowners  Advertising Via Facebook To Sell Their Home?

Every year thousands of home sellers, both new and old, sign up to Facebook advertising plans – and with some being free and others requiring small investments depending on their social media budget, it’s no wonder why so many sellers consider taking advantage of the potential. Although the website is fairly easy to navigate for its users, some find that the promotional solutions can be somewhat confusing and a little more difficult to address.

Thankfully, Facebook has introduced a range of help options to those wanting to make use of their advertisement features – but what exactly are these features and how do they differ from one another?

Paid Advertising

Facebook offer a variety of advertising options to businesses and one of them includes paid advertising. As the term suggests, businesses can invest in this solution to ensure that they reach the right types of audiences, as well as market to the most relevant customers. But how can they ensure that their cash is invested as effectively as possible?

Customisable Promotion

This is where customised, or personalised promotional solutions come in handy – and as each campaign can be created and modified from the ground up, it’s easy to ensure that a particular audience can be reached with little difficulty. Facebook collect information on their users; from their ages and locations, right through to their preferences and activities online. For businesses hoping to focus their attention on a specific type of customer, this can be incredible beneficial.

Tailored Ads

Rather than proposing advertisements for companies to choose from, Facebook also allow their professional users to upload their own designs – as long as they conform to the size restrictions proposed by the platform itself. Many of these ads can be paid for in advance, or even by using daily-payment methods – and in most cases, they will display along the right hand side of a potential customer’s social media page (and those that they visit).

As the social media platform takes care of its own research, they will be able to implement the most relevant adverts depending on what a particular user is interested in the most; and this can maximise the potential for a business to make sales. It’s not just static ads that pop up either; there are also options to upload video advertisements that will be featured in between clips that can be watched, as well as on-page ads that can sometimes appear as ‘suggested’ within a person’s timeline, as they browse Facebook itself.