When getting a call out to repair household appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine you need a reliable company

When getting dishwasher, fridge, washing machine and stove repairs, sometimes prevention is the first call

Don’t overload your washing machine

Most washers will have a clearly defined weight marked on them and this will typically be in kilograms. Going over by a few hundred grams might not cause a problem, but if you over-stuff your machine, you could end up damaging the bearings and this is a rapid way to put your washer out of business.


Keeping the fridge cold

This is one of the most common problems that fridge owners can face. If it becomes obvious that a fridge is failing to keep cool on a consistent basis (typically via food spoiling sooner), then it could be down to any one of the following reasons.

The first relates to the internal rubber stripping that acts to seal the door when it is closed. If this seal is damaged, then air at room temperature can enter and this can cause an increase in internal temperatures. The second issue relates to the thermostat and if the responsible component is unable to function properly (sometimes due to age and other times down to damage), the fridge will struggle to maintain its core temperature.

In either event, it’s advisable to get in touch with a fridge repair specialist as they will be able to take care of the rectifications.

What can go wrong with washing machines?

Unclean dishes and cloudy glasses

The most common cause of this event is a lack of cleaning fluid (or relevant capsule). When we turn our dishwashers on, the first thing that will happen is that water will be mixed with the cleaning agent, before the formula is sprayed within the machine. If a cleaning agent is present, then the matter could relate to lime scale – which may or may not be obvious.

Identifying lime scale

All water consists of a variety of ingredients, even in its purest form. From magnesium to potassium – the chemical composition is as much a part of our drinking water as it is our cleaning water. Over time, these ingredients can begin to spoil, especially if left in humid conditions without any means to escape. This typically leads to lime scale and the more than this source is able to spread, the greater the impact will be on a dish washing unit.

Get a professional for your repairs

Hiring an expert for a professional stove repair is something that most home owners will face at some point in their residency. With so many unique components that go into the construction and functionality of a stove, it’s not uncommon for pieces to wear away or for blockages to occur. Both gas and electrical stoves can suffer with similar events, but the way in which these faults occur will differ.