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What Issues Can Result in an HVAC System Needing Repair

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning units (or HVAC systems for short) are responsible for providing both hot and cold air, depending on their user’s requirement. Although most manufacturers (Haier, VS and other reputable brands) will construct their products to last, as with all electronic devices there can be things that will detract from their effectiveness; or put them out of service altogether.

Air con costs can go through the roof without proper maintenance

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Whether you’re a boatie or not, everyone realises the importance of keeping the water on the outside when you go sailing or fishing. The less leaky the boat, the less you have to rely on devices like bilge pumps to stay afloat. What does this have to do with houses?

When these incidents occur it’s not uncommon for air con repairs to be required – and these should only ever be undertaken by trained experts and qualified professionals. But what events can lend a hand in these types of occurrences and how can they be avoided? Here’s a look at some of the most frequent things that can result in damage, as well as how best to treat them.

External blockages

The exterior part of an HVAC system might be easy to overlook, but the truth is that it is also one of the first parts of the set-up to be affected. Being located externally means that the extractor fan will be exposed to the elements on a daily basis (making it prone to sun and water damage), as well as running the risk of debris and blockages building up within the fan and internal pipework. To treat these events, it’s advisable to hire the services of an expert to check these parts from time to time.

Pipe damage

All systems will rely on water in one way or another – and when left unused for prolonged periods of time, it’s not uncommon for the pipes that transport water to suffer with damage. From experiencing mould all the way to rusting within certain joints and fittings; keeping on top of this type of damage can be very important. Fortunately HVAC experts are able to take care of these events, as well as repair and treat areas that may be suffering.

Internal issues

With so many components present within an internal system (specifically the ventilation area), it’s not uncommon for parts to rust, break down, or find themselves exposed to water if levels are able to get too high. Although most modern systems will shut down to avoid the risk of conducting electricity if water is able to escape its compartments; this won’t prevent damage from taking place. In these instances, an expert will need to be called out to review the damage sustained, as well as whether a repair or a replacement might be required.

Although other issues can arise, these are three of the most prominent and are widely accepted as some of the most common causes for faults within air conditioning systems. In all cases it’s best to have a professional evaluate the situation, as opposed to fiddling with potentially dangerous components that may contain their own levels of electronic current.

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