Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Why Are Pre Purchase Building Inspections So Important?

Any potential home buyer considering purchasing a new home might be keen to get the sale underway, but with more and more people finding out too late that there were issues with their new homes after the sale; some have found themselves out of pocket by tens of thousands of dollars. Although some property inspections are an obligation within Australia, others are optional and often fall down to the buyers. Pre purchase building inspections just so happen to be one of them.

What are these types of inspections?

In a nutshell they differ to 137b reports and stage inspections in the sense that they are intended to provide an extensive evaluation of a property before the sale of the home is underway. They are ideally suited to buyers that would like the peace of mind that the property that they may purchase is safe and secure; but they can also be invested in by sellers that are keen to maximise their potential for a quick sale by offering reassurance to any interested bidders.

What do building inspection reports involve?

Generally speaking, these inspections can be as extensive or as minimalistic as the person hiring the expert requires. It does however make much more sense to hire a building inspector that will carry out more extensive checks; even if the expense is a little higher – simply to avoid any problems and stand a much higher chance of identifying issues and potential causes for concern.

A building inspection can help by allowing a professional and licensed expert to evaluate a variety of factors within a home, including its structure, the functionality of drainage and water systems, its insulation and other important elements such as the pest and termite condition. Furthermore, an inspector will work on behalf of the buyer as opposed to an agency or the seller – allowing them to approach their role in an unbiased manner; albeit one that will aspire to help the individual purchasing the property.

At the end of an inspection a report will be generated to provide further details to the buyer relating to the condition of the range of features and facilities that were evaluated during the inspection.

Are these building inspection checks hugely important?

Although in some cases they can be deemed an unnecessary expense; in more than a few instances these types of checks have helped to identify key issues within buildings – allowing the potential buyer to make a much more effective decision relating to whether or not they buy the property. In extreme cases inspectors have found problems that could potentially be dangerous, whilst in others they have identified pest infestations, land encroachments and much more in between; making the knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table as invaluable as it is recommended.