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Gardening Services

The treatment and maintenance of trees and larger bushes is something that should only ever be undertaken by expert gardeners and tree surgeons. Anything less than this and the project could end up taking a negative toll on the plant life around it. Tree removals in particular are some of the most involved tasks when it comes to the landscaping and maintenance of organic gardens, parks and even roadside soil beds. For the right gardening equipment for your eco firendly yard, check out EcoTeq

What does the removal involve?

As you may have guessed from the name of this type of service, the overall task will be to remove the tree present, including its roots. There are several ways to do this, from cutting the trunk of the tree horizontally and then sawing a criss-cross pattern into the exposed stump to ensure that a fresh trunk can’t take hold, all the way to using heavy machinery to remove the tree in its entirety.

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Cutting the trunk

For this process a chainsaw will usually be required, but for thinner trunks it is possible to use a saw. For those undertaking the former activity, they will require a valid chainsaw license (as holding anything less than this can cause an offense punishable by law). This is why good tree surgeons will make a point of keeping on top of their licenses and qualifications. The trunk can be sawn through in any event – with either the stump left or prepared for complete removal, by a tractor or similar vehicle.

Removing the stump

Once the bulk of the tree has been removed most areas will experience a greater flow of light, but the stump can still pose somewhat of an obstacle. In larger trees, this stump will be held firmly in place by its roots; a collection of underground tendrils that can go on for several metres. It is possible to dig around the tree stump and cut through the roots, allowing the excess to decompose underground. The more preferred method would be to have the entire stump pulled away in one go with a high powered vehicle – especially those that are designed to do exactly this.

In all instances, the removal of a tree shouldn’t be as time consuming as it might seem; especially when hiring the right tree care expert. These specialists will evaluate the condition of all plant life nearby, especially that of the tree that needs to be removed. Once the measurements have been taken, the removal process can begin and this in itself should only take up a few hours of a day. It’s worth noting that the larger the tree, the more involved the process can be – but in most instances, a specialist will provide a time estimate should the home owner request one.