Using an agent to buy you home could be a wise move in today’s Sydney property market

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Finding a Buyer’s Agent

The first thing that you need to do when hiring a buyer’s agent is to make sure that they work in the same area(s) that you are looking to buying in. It is essential that your buyer’s agent is local and therefore familiar with not only the locations, but with the current property prices and market trends as you need them. Hiring a buyer’s guide who has no experience in your desired area can lead to extensive overpayments, or even problems when it comes to leasing issues and development permissions.

What is a Buyer’s Agents Role?

A buyer’s agent can be as involved in the purchase of a property as you need. The most basic role sees a buyer’s agent bidding on the property of your choice for you at auction and the most inclusive sees a buyer’s agent sourcing properties that meet your criteria and negotiating the purchase of the property ultimately chosen by you. This can be for individual properties, or an entire portfolio depending on your personal needs.

What Can a Buyer’s Agent Offer You?

The most important thing that a buyer’s agent can offer you is the unique property know-how that only a professional in the real estate sector is privy to. Not only can a buyer’s agent help you to source the right type of property, they can advise you on prime locations, potential prospects for capital growth and how to make the most out of the properties that you are interested in- in terms of current market indicators. A buyer’s agent will consider how the potential in each individual property can suit your needs based on their extensive experience, and this can save you not only time and money, but also stress throughout the entire buying process.

Information Services:

A buyer’s guide will inform you every step of the way with the property buying process, from viewing the property all the way to negotiating contracts. Your buyer’s guide will educate you on the entire process, so that you can understand exactly what you are committing to when it comes to buying a particular property.

Planning and Executing Property Showings:

Your buyer’s agent will create a portfolio of properties that meet your requirements and set up viewings so that you don’t have to. Once all of the groundwork is done (research, seller interviews, etc.) it is your agent’s responsibility to escort you to each of the viewings. Once here your agent will advise you on mitigating factors, price brackets, negotiations and more to ensure that you get the most from both the property and the deal.