Industrial tools that can help you do renovations around the home available at good suppliers

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Supliers of Three of the Most Effective Industrial Grade Tools

When visiting a DIY store, most customers looking for tools will often head straight to the most affordable section in a bid to minimise their costs, without sacrificing on the results of their projects. Most tools will be built to last – with many offering between two and five year warrantees for a little extra reassurance.

But if there’s one thing that these accessories can lack, it’s the power and performance that can most commonly be found within industrial tools – or those that are used for professional purposes. These products rely on advanced motors, reinforced structures and a host of other attributes, which make them as efficient as they are versatile.

Due to their high performance nature, they can be quite a lot more expensive than regular alternatives, but there are a few particular variants that boast very similar prices to their lesser counterparts. Here’s a closer look at five of them, what they can do and an idea of the price tags that they carry.

Angle Grinders

Capable of cutting through wood and steel with ease, not to mention also featuring interchangeable disks that can be used to grind, sand and cut – angle grinders are a must for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. Basic versions can cost anywhere up to $300 in Australia, but considering that the FLEX Angle Grinder 1400W L3410FR can be purchased for just $313.50, you’ll be getting an industrial grade tool at a very low price.


A heavy duty drill can make a lot of difference to any DIY project and considering basic models can cost between $400 and $800, whilst running at 500W, you might find that spending a little extra will be worth the investment. Powerful drills do require more energy, but they are capable of going through most materials with ease. The UNITEC Core Drill comes in at $2,400 (compared to other models at over $3,000) – but with a huge warranty and 2000W of power behind it, this is an investment that could outlast lesser models by decades.

Table Saws

Most contractors will rely on table saws to cut and shape wood, steel and other materials – but due to their functionality and size, they can often cost well over $6,000. There are cheaper alternatives however, such as the Raimondi Exploit 70 MY15 Saw – a device capable of cutting through metal as easily as tiles. At just under $2,100 this table tool can last for decades and as the disks are interchangeable, there’s always the option of buying spare saws as older ones wear away.

Each of these tools can offer incredible results at very fair prices. Although investing a few thousand dollars into a device may seem like a pretty hefty sum; it’s worth noting that these tools are built to last and can often be much cheaper than having to buy a variety of lower quality tools over the same amount of time.