Fitting custom built closets can save space in your home or garage

Fitting custom built closets can save space in your home or garage

As attractive as walk-in wardrobes can be, there are many people that prefer to keep their clothing storage facilities a little more portable. As far as this type of wardrobe is concerned, the options are almost endless. From soft material units that can be placed anywhere within a room for instant access all the way to shelving units that can be installed within any shape of closet (regardless of its angle or location inside of a room), the great thing about a customisable closet is that it can be modified to suit the home owner’s requirements.

Not all homes are fitted with sufficient storage space and as more and more property owners accumulate furniture, gadgets and clothing; the need for more suitable space has never been more in demand. Custom closets are often the first port of call and for good reason – they can be designed to make the most of any space without detracting from the overall aesthetic of a room; in a way that maximises storage potential.

Features To Consider in Custom Closets



Most closets will offer a variety of standard features, such as a rail or two and a set of shelves to place items. When it comes to minimising storage space, it makes much more sense to opt for built-in drawers that can securely house a variety of garments and accessories. Rather than settling for doors that open outwards, it makes a lot more sense to have a sliding door fitted – minimising the room needed for the closet, without restricting access to the doors.

By fitting these types of storage units, all corners of a garage can be used to their fullest potential to store paint pots, tools and everything in between. Thanks to the weather resistant properties of the metal used for these types of units, they can even be stored outside – as long as they are maintained from time to time to ensure their integrity.

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