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100% No Deposit home loans & mortgages: how to borrow… this is the best way to buy a property with no deposit

Taking Advantage of No Deposit Home Loans

No deposit home loans are a unique type of financial solution that can help to minimise expenses by eliminating the need to save cash for a deposit when buying a home. In order to be eligible, certain criteria will need to be met; but for those that already own a property and would like to purchase another – they may be able to benefit from this type of home loan with minimal difficulty.

By using the financial value from the first home’s equity, it can become possible to negate the need to save for a deposit by relying on the equity to act to secure a new loan on both properties.

How do no deposit loans work?

If a home was purchased years ago, the chances are that its market value will differ now compared to its original price. This difference in value is known as equity and it’s this amount that can be used to act as a deposit on another type of loan – in this case a no deposit home loan. By using the equity to cover the cost of any deposit for the second home purchase, the new loan can be secured with the option to combine any outstanding loan on the first home with the second.

This can help to further minimise expenses, as instead of paying separate mortgages on two homes; a lender will often be willing to roll both into one single sum – making it much easier to keep on top of repayments in general.

Can anyone apply for a zero deposit mortgage?

As mentioned previously, there are certain criteria that can dictate whether an individual will be able to apply for this type of loan in particular.

In all cases, and when not using equity as collateral on the loan, the applicant will need to be able to demonstrate a clean credit score – with many banks demanding years of provable repayment records to consider an application viable. This is why zero deposit loans are often pursued by property developers and investors, as it’s these individuals that will often have the assets already in place to secure their new loan.

Anyone with at least one property to their name could also stand to benefit however, and whether the new home is being bought for investment or personal purposes; those that can turn to their own equity will be much more likely to obtain approval. For further information contacting a loans broker can be useful, as these mortgage experts will often be able to help with finding the right types of loans for individual needs.

No deposit home loans & mortgages: how to borrow 100% – this is the best way to buy a property with no deposit.


Three Effective Duct Cleaning Methods

Three Effective Duct Cleaning Methods

Ducts have been used for centuries to help with ventilation and filtration, and these days it’s not uncommon to see them featured within chimneys, furnaces, and fireplaces in general. Although most are constructed in a way that can minimise dirt and grime build up, it can be important to give them a quick clean from time to time (at least twice a year as experts recommend).

As grime builds up, toxic liquids can begin to seep back downward and into the source of heat; often resulting in chemical fumes that can sometimes be harmful to those nearby. To avoid these events it’s best to keep a duct as clean and clear as possible, and within this article we’ll be covering three effective duct cleaning methods that can be done at home.

The extraction technique

Many duct cleaning agencies such as HomeProsGroupEdmonton make use of extraction tools and hardware, and as expected this cleaning method typically relies on the utilization of high powered fans to suck dirt, debris, and grime out of a vent or shaft. Most devices will come complete with sealant accessories to ensure that the shaft is air tight, making it fairly straight forward to suck dirt and potential obstructions from the duct.

Chemical cleaning

Although the word chemical is often associated with risk and danger, when it comes to cleaning a duct there are some chemicals that can be ideal for breaking down stubborn oils and fumes that have turned into liquid. In these cases you may need to gain access to the duct itself, and this can often require the removal of a furnace and its surrounding components. The chemicals can then be wiped across the surface of the shaft, or applied to a cleaning accessory that can be slid up and into the vent.

Hiring a professional duct cleaning company

Cleaning a chimney, especially one that is used often, can be quite challenging for those without the knowledge and expertise to do so efficiently. Hiring an expert duct cleaning agency can help to remove stress and effort, whilst offering the best quality results. Most agencies will have access to the most effective cleaning equipment and facilities. Being able to rely on an expert to come out and take care of the cleaning from time to time can be very beneficial, especially if they offer a low rate and reliable results.

In most cases a quick clean can be sufficient, but there can be times where dirt and debris fall from external sources, or when brickwork suffers with damage and crumbles into the duct; possibly causing a blockage. In these cases it’s important not to disrupt the blockage, as it can result in more damage occurring within the shaft. Instead, hiring an expert may be the better option – as they will likely be able to identify the best course of action

Passive Fire Protection

trafalgar access panels

Three Ways to Fireproof an Office Building

Commercial premises are required by Australian law to maintain a particular level of safety and security in order to remain functional. When it comes to fire proofing and passive fire protection there are some products on the market that can be far more effective than others. In this piece, we’ll be identifying three of the most beneficial products available – and seeing how they work.

Intumescent Fire Dampers

IFDs, or intumescent fire dampers as they are commonly referred to in full, come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be fitted into ceilings, floors and walls in equal measure. They rely on a unique mechanism that allows air flow to take place within particular features (i.e. where they are installed), whilst restricting the movement of fire if it ever occurs. They can be especially useful when containing fire within a particular location and some models can be fitted with exhaust fans to stop fire from being able to spread outside of a room, whilst other measures help to quell the blaze.


This branded product is one of dozens available on the market; although it is widely considered that FyreWrap is one of the most effective. When purchased it takes on the appearance of a roll of silver material, but it is the composition of this material that actually makes it so effective for use against fires. It is so strong and durable that it can withstand even the most excessive levels of heat from fire for between two and three hours – allowing for more than enough time for emergency services to arrive and put out the blaze. Additionally, the material will protect anything that it is wrapped around from heat and smoke.

Fire Doors

As their name might suggest, fire doors are ideal for containing fire within particular rooms. The majority can withstand the highest temperatures without difficulty – and there are even some on the market that rely on a unique carbon-polymer composition that can help them to stand strong and remain resilient when everything around them crumbles. When paired with advanced fireproof walls, floors and ceilings it can be possible to put an immediate end to fires caused by electrical faults. Furthermore, fire doors can be installed in place of regular ones and when combined with FyreWrap products and other similar fire-resistant accessories, the concerns caused by fire will be fairly minimal to say the least.

Although all offices will be responsible for ensuring that they comply with Australian health and safety laws, the fact that the above products are so effective and can last for a lifetime can be more than enough reason to consider investing in them. They are as affordable as they are effective and when using them within an office building; the risk of fire damage can be all but eliminated

Space Solutions : custom storage cabinets and closets for home and garage

Common Features of Custom Built Closets & Cabinets for the Home or Garage

Many homes enjoy the wide range of functionality afforded by custom built cabinets; and you can even find them put to good use within professional premises, too. Unlike traditional storage units, these variants are ideal when a little more personalisation is required. This could be because of the limited space available within a house or garage; or when they are being installed within a bedroom (especially when off-ground storage is more preferred).

What makes these storage facilities different?

Where regular cabinets might feature normal doors, shelves and drawers – those that are built to suit a specific purpose can include these and much more. They can be modified to fit into a specific angle, or they can have their own proportions modified to ensure that they can be installed where necessary. This is something that most normal cabinets can struggle to offer and considering the low cost of having a unit customised to suit a requirement; it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to them within their own properties.

The common features of customised cabinets and wardrobes

There are several features that these types of cabinets use, often as standard, which regular types don’t. The first is a vital component if longevity and the security of internal property is a priority (and it’s waterproofing). The ability to fit waterproof features and functions to a cabinet can make a lot of difference; and this is especially beneficial if the unit is intended to be used outside in a garden, or inside of a shed where temperatures can drop and water can get in.

Another feature are the customised shelving units, which can be installed to run the entire height and width of a unit, or placed sparingly to allow additional storage above or below the shelf. Depending on the size and shape of the cabinet it’s even possible to introduce customised shelves that can cater to specific angles, or ones that can be cut away to allow other features to be included.

For latest designs in custom home storage solutions you can see Forbes magazine



A cabinet won’t be complete without drawers and these additional features can certainly be included within personalised storage units. The size and depth of the drawers can be modified to ensure that they fit appropriately within the units – or they could be left out altogether in favour of other features, such as poles for hanging garments.

These are a few of the most commonly found features within personalised cabinets, but the truth is that a good supplier will be able to introduce almost any number of specific preferences and functions to one that they are putting together for a customer. Regardless of the space available and no matter the cost; these types of storage unit can be very beneficial to a home and with stylish aesthetics always being an option; they won’t typically detract from the look and feel of a house.

These days people even have bespoke custom design wine cellars!!

Garage roller doors visit StarDoorService

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Using an agent to buy you home could be a wise move in today’s Sydney property market

Buyers Agent Sydney

Finding a Buyer’s Agent

The first thing that you need to do when hiring a buyer’s agent is to make sure that they work in the same area(s) that you are looking to buying in. It is essential that your buyer’s agent is local and therefore familiar with not only the locations, but with the current property prices and market trends as you need them. Hiring a buyer’s guide who has no experience in your desired area can lead to extensive overpayments, or even problems when it comes to leasing issues and development permissions.

What is a Buyer’s Agents Role?

A buyer’s agent can be as involved in the purchase of a property as you need. The most basic role sees a buyer’s agent bidding on the property of your choice for you at auction and the most inclusive sees a buyer’s agent sourcing properties that meet your criteria and negotiating the purchase of the property ultimately chosen by you. This can be for individual properties, or an entire portfolio depending on your personal needs.

What Can a Buyer’s Agent Offer You?

The most important thing that a buyer’s agent can offer you is the unique property know-how that only a professional in the real estate sector is privy to. Not only can a buyer’s agent help you to source the right type of property, they can advise you on prime locations, potential prospects for capital growth and how to make the most out of the properties that you are interested in- in terms of current market indicators. A buyer’s agent will consider how the potential in each individual property can suit your needs based on their extensive experience, and this can save you not only time and money, but also stress throughout the entire buying process.

Information Services:

A buyer’s guide will inform you every step of the way with the property buying process, from viewing the property all the way to negotiating contracts. Your buyer’s guide will educate you on the entire process, so that you can understand exactly what you are committing to when it comes to buying a particular property.

Planning and Executing Property Showings:

Your buyer’s agent will create a portfolio of properties that meet your requirements and set up viewings so that you don’t have to. Once all of the groundwork is done (research, seller interviews, etc.) it is your agent’s responsibility to escort you to each of the viewings. Once here your agent will advise you on mitigating factors, price brackets, negotiations and more to ensure that you get the most from both the property and the deal.

When getting a call out to repair household appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine you need a reliable company

When getting dishwasher, fridge, washing machine and stove repairs, sometimes prevention is the first call

Don’t overload your washing machine

Most washers will have a clearly defined weight marked on them and this will typically be in kilograms. Going over by a few hundred grams might not cause a problem, but if you over-stuff your machine, you could end up damaging the bearings and this is a rapid way to put your washer out of business.


Keeping the fridge cold

This is one of the most common problems that fridge owners can face. If it becomes obvious that a fridge is failing to keep cool on a consistent basis (typically via food spoiling sooner), then it could be down to any one of the following reasons.

The first relates to the internal rubber stripping that acts to seal the door when it is closed. If this seal is damaged, then air at room temperature can enter and this can cause an increase in internal temperatures. The second issue relates to the thermostat and if the responsible component is unable to function properly (sometimes due to age and other times down to damage), the fridge will struggle to maintain its core temperature.

In either event, it’s advisable to get in touch with a fridge repair specialist as they will be able to take care of the rectifications.

What can go wrong with washing machines?

Unclean dishes and cloudy glasses

The most common cause of this event is a lack of cleaning fluid (or relevant capsule). When we turn our dishwashers on, the first thing that will happen is that water will be mixed with the cleaning agent, before the formula is sprayed within the machine. If a cleaning agent is present, then the matter could relate to lime scale – which may or may not be obvious.

Identifying lime scale

All water consists of a variety of ingredients, even in its purest form. From magnesium to potassium – the chemical composition is as much a part of our drinking water as it is our cleaning water. Over time, these ingredients can begin to spoil, especially if left in humid conditions without any means to escape. This typically leads to lime scale and the more than this source is able to spread, the greater the impact will be on a dish washing unit.

Get a professional for your repairs

Hiring an expert for a professional stove repair is something that most home owners will face at some point in their residency. With so many unique components that go into the construction and functionality of a stove, it’s not uncommon for pieces to wear away or for blockages to occur. Both gas and electrical stoves can suffer with similar events, but the way in which these faults occur will differ.

Sofa beds brighten up your living space, and make guests feel welcome

how to sell your home using facebooks inner west

Things to Look for When Buying Sofa Beds at Sydney’s Top Furniture Outlets

Living in an appealing location can offer a variety of benefits. From being able to enjoy a moderate climate all the way to experiencing what it feels like to be on holiday every day, there’s nothing quite like making the most of a laid back lifestyle, whilst surrounded by stunning scenery. As with most things however, there are also negatives to consider. For example, your property may play host to friends and family planning to take a break for a few weeks here and there – and expecting comfortable sleeping arrangements to be taken care of in the process!

Bedroom space isn’t always easy to organise, but there is one solution that can all but guarantee to offer sleeping facilities whilst acting as comfortable seating areas when not in use; and these are sofa beds. These unique items of furniture serve two purposes, with the first being able to offer fully functional sofas and the second option being that they can be modified into suitable beds.

With so many couch bed combinations on the market, it’s easy to go for the first one that springs to your attention and then potentially regret the decision later. So, how can you be sure to choose a bed that not only feels great, but is just as comfortable when in its seating position? Here are a few tips to help.

Comfort is key

Although uncommon, there are still manufacturers out there that prefer to cut corners in order to make the transition from seat to bed as simple as possible. Not only can these items of furniture be very uncomfortable when used as seating; they might not even be intended for long term use. A good compromise would be to source a sofa that includes all of the typical commodities offered by a normal couch; such as arm rests, cushions and even neck pillows.

Don’t overlook the aesthetics

A common mistake that many people make when buying sofas that convert into beds, is that they overlook the aesthetics in favour of functionality. In reality, there’s no reason why a sofa shouldn’t look as good as it feels when made into a bed. The best solution is to compare a variety of furniture models that will fit in with the design and colour scheme of their intended room; so as not to detract from the atmosphere once they are purchased and positioned.

The cost is important

With so many manufacturers out there, there’s minimal need to have to pay extortionate prices to get the type of sofa that appeals to you. If you find a style that you like that carries a very high price tag, consider looking elsewhere for a similar model – or search online for cheap alternatives and affordable discounts.