Natural stone: creating a look for 2021 in Sydney

Natural Stone – naturally

If you are looking for information on how to polish stone to get that amazing natural stone restoration look, then you have come to the right place. There are many different ways you can polish natural stones and marble. As there are different types of natural stone, it is important to know how each type differs from the others. If you are looking to create a unique look on your kitchen backsplash, for example, then polishing stone will be important to achieving this. A lot of homeowners choose to install natural stone tile as a backsplash because of its unique look. The first thing that you should know when looking to learn how to polish stone is what type of stone is most appropriate for the project at hand.

Marble, sandstone and travertine

Marble polishing is very different from travertine or limestone or granite polishing. The biggest difference between the three is the thickness of the stone. Natural stones such as marble can have different thickness, and a quality stone polisher should be able to control the thickness and customize the results for each project. In terms of which method to use when learning how to polish stone, you have several options. One of these options is to use the natural stone product with a coarse polishing wheel to remove any scratches or stains.

DIY stone polishing

You may also choose to use the natural stone product with a finer polishing wheel to enhance the marble’s beauty. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to research each type of stone to find the best one for your project. Some of the more popular marble stone polishing machines include marble floor polishing machines, marble polishing wheels, and other marble-related products. Once you have decided which type of stone product you will use, you can begin learning how to polish the perfect natural stone tiles, statues, and other types of natural stone materials.

By Australian Stone & Tile Restorations

Sydney Painting & Decorating Trends for 2021

Sydney Style in the Eastern Suburbs for 2021

You need to be aware of what the fashionable Sydney home decorating trends are in 2021 before you start doing it yourself. The fact is that most interior design photos and published home decorating tips show rooms made for others, with only different settings, tastes, opinions, lifestyle and styles. An interior designer that you hire may create a very unique personal style and design for you personally and your family – but will you like it? So in order to create your personal style and design, you need to find out the most fashionable trends currently in the Sydney scene, and then develop them to your tastes, such as your favourite colour or your favourite kind of wallpaper and then use these things to help you create a stylish home decorating style.

Getting Help From Professional Painters

You can get help from fashion consultants and professional painters when it comes to finding out what is fashionable about you. Fashion consultants understand that what is fashionable for one person may not necessarily be fashionable for another. Therefore they have devised their own innovative and stylish concept of what is fashionable for your personal needs and taste and personal preferences and style. To illustrate what is fashionable among today’s generation, take a look at the different earth tones that are being used in home decorating styles today.

Contemporary Living

Earth tones like sand, sea greens, olive greens and denim are used in contemporary living room decorating. People who prefer earth tones usually like natural and calm surroundings so you should incorporate natural materials into your home design. If you are someone who loves loud and vibrant colours, then you should probably go for loud reds, maroons and yellows that will definitely attract the attention of many people in your home, especially if you have vibrant and animated furniture and home decorating accessories. If you have a home decorating theme based on pastels, then you should have floral wallpapers in each and every room that you have in your home, especially the dining room and the living room. Having floral wallpaper in these rooms will enhance the beauty of the walls as well as the ambience of the house and make your dining room the most comfortable room in the house.

CCTV Cameras to clean out your drains and sewers

There are a number of plumbing supplies online that you can purchase from. In fact, there are many websites that provide a wide variety of different products and services to individuals at very affordable prices. Some of the products and services that these plumbing supply websites sell include water jetting equipment, sewer cameras, pressure washers and more. Depending upon your plumbing needs you will be able to find exactly what you need online at a price that is right for you. If you do decide to buy some of the plumbing supplies that you can get from these plumbing supply websites, it is important that you make sure that you are getting high quality products and supplies as well as getting them at affordable prices.

In fact, some of the plumbing supplies that you can buy online include sewer cameras that will allow you to keep an eye on your drains and sewer lines in order to ensure that they are working properly. It is also possible for you to get some jetting equipment as well as other equipment that will help you complete your plumbing tasks with ease. If you need some of the other plumbing supplies that you can get from online plumbing suppliers, it is important that you take the time to check out the products and services that they offer in order to get exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for plumbers, jetting equipment or other plumbing tools, you can find exactly what you need on the Internet at very affordable prices.

In fact, many of the online plumbing suppliers that sell a wide variety of products also offer free shipping. In many cases, online plumbing supplies vendors do not carry the plumbing supplies that you may need in your area, but they can provide you with the products that you need and make a great online deal for you. In fact, if you do not have a lot of money to spend on plumbing supplies, you may want to consider shopping online for your plumbing supplies in order to save time and money as well as get the products that you need without having to pay too much for them. No matter what type of plumbing supplies you need, there is a great deal of online plumbing supplies that you can shop online for.

Carpet Cleaning Australia

Carpet cleaning is necessary to protect your carpets from fading, discoloration and mold. Regular vacuuming with a piece of professional cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration will remove small wet soil and loose dirt from your carpets, but it does leave behind greasy soils and dead cells which are made up of pet dander, dust, oil tracked from outside, and food that has been left on your furniture for too long.

Carpet Cleaning and Protecting

When you vacuum your carpets daily they need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly before being returned to your home. This is essential if your carpets have become stained due to dirt, oil, or grease. By getting a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets regularly and dry them thoroughly they will provide the best protection to protect your investment.

Protection – Carpet cleaning and protection can be done at home, at work, and even in the office. It can be done in the comfort of your own home and the added advantage of being able to get a thorough cleaning done at work by the same service is a great way to keep your carpets looking fresh and protected.

Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your carpets clean because not only does it provide protection, but it also prevents mould from forming. Mold spores are a leading cause of breathing problems and allergies in individuals, so it is very important to ensure that your carpets are cleaned regularly and dried thoroughly to prevent them from being a cause of allergic reactions.

Carpet Cleaning also provides an excellent way to keep carpets looking nice. When you use a professional carpet cleaning service to provide a quality cleaning, you will notice that your carpet is cleaner and more beautiful than when you did it yourself.

Carpet cleaning services are affordable, easy to find and offer a professional cleaning service for your entire home. Many of the companies that offer carpet cleaning services have multiple locations nationwide and offer cleaning for commercial and residential customers. They offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning, deep cleaning, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning and carpet protectant products that you can use to help keep your carpet free of molds and allergens.

Carpet cleaning services are not only convenient, but they can also provide a great look to your home. There is no better way to create an elegant, clean and inviting space than to use the services of a professional carpet cleaning service.

Carpet cleaning provides protection, comfort and beauty for your home. You can do these things yourself, but they do take time, often with not as much satisfaction, and it is often costly and time consuming.

Custom built swimming pools transform a home into a haven

Pool Construction Texas

Pool Construction  – Your Starting Place For The Latest In Pool Construction

Just built your dream pool and want to keep it sparkling? Not sure where to start? Our site is the perfect place to start looking for every kind of pool product on the market. We take our pool supply service very seriously by constantly updating our stock with the latest in proven pool maintenance products.

Even the greatest looking swimming pool water features might leave a little something to be desired if they lack functionality. A good garden pool builder will know what it takes to enhance the level of functionality, without detracting from the overall appeal of a swimming space. As long as it can be accessed easily (or offer restricted access if small children and pets are present), then it should be suitable. Other functions can be installed to add a little more versatility – but the home owner’s specific needs should be prioritised in all instances and a pool construction company will be able to offer advice on this matter.

We also believe swimming pools are there to be enjoyed. When was the last time you and your kids enjoyed a game of pool volleyball? When you speak to our staff, ask about our impressive range of swimming pool toys that’ll bring the fun back to your swimming pool in no time.

Visit Us For An Extensive Range Of Swimming Pool Construction

At our site, we stock it all when it comes to swimming pool Construction to make taking good care of your precious swimming pool a breeze. Take a look at our range of pool Construction below but be sure to get in contact with our friendly and informative staff members should you have any special requests and require more detailed product information.

  • Permanent and temporary fencing, Pool covers, Pool filters, Pool toys, Pool test kits,
  • Pool water saving equipment, Pool cleaners, Algae treatment kits, Pool accessories and
  • Pool chlorinators and Spa Construction.

We specialise in providing a complete range of swimming pool covers for the ultimate in pool protection. With our pool covers you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of less debris to clean from your pool, less water evaporation, reduced pool heating costs and you’ll even use less pool chemicals trying to keep your pool clean throughout the seasons.

Contact us now at Pool Construction Texas and find out more about our extensive range of pool Construction for your convenience.

Keeping your pool safe and having it regularly inspected is very important – see news update on swimming pool deaths here

Arizona Child Drownings Rose in 2016, Prompting Safety Commission Advisory

More Arizona children are drowning, a government safety commission reported late last week, prompting a new call for parents and caretakers to be extra-cautious. “Watch your children around water” is a message Arizonans – who have higher-than-average swimming-pool ownership – have heard repeatedly over the years. But according to new…

Cowboy builders are becoming fewer in number, but they do still crop up from time to time. To ensure that your project takes place without a hitch, take a little extra time getting to know what previous customers thought of their experience with your potential pool provider. If they seem professional, willing to clearly define terms in a contract and eager to get started – then you’re already minimising risks and concerns.

Senior Housing – kitchen renovations on a budget

illustration of budget kitchen renovation

With an aging demographic in the big urban centers in Australia such as Sydney & Brisbane, older accommodation is being updated to suit the needs of the elderly.

According to UniqueResidence of Perth, Western Australia:

Kitchen renovation prices on projects for seniors include widening the space for wheelchair and walker accessibility are competitive right now. This is a necessary fact of life. Seniors that are wheelchair bound or even victims of accidents or defect need wider spaces between islands and cabinets, for themselves to navigate or a caretaker to tag along and assist.

UniqueResidence of Perth, Western Australia

In addition to social care housing for the elderly, builders are now incorporating purpose built aged care facilities into new developments. This trend will continue over the years to come but with people living longer and healthier lives in the 21st Century, serious design factors will need to be considered as older people now want more stylish design, even as the get old.

Shutters and Blinds

Window Furnishings Suppliers at ShutterShop


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Available Blinds

1. Vertical Blinds
2. Venetian Blinds
3. Mini Blinds
4. Micro Blinds
5. Panel Blinds
6. Pleated Shades
7. Cellular Shades
7. Roman Shades
8. Roller Shades
10. Tie-Up Shades
11. Solar Shades
12. Outdoor Shades
13. Skylight Shades
14. Smart Blinds


Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Why Are Pre Purchase Building Inspections So Important?

Any potential home buyer considering purchasing a new home might be keen to get the sale underway, but with more and more people finding out too late that there were issues with their new homes after the sale; some have found themselves out of pocket by tens of thousands of dollars. Although some property inspections are an obligation within Australia, others are optional and often fall down to the buyers. Pre purchase building inspections just so happen to be one of them.

What are these types of inspections?

In a nutshell they differ to 137b reports and stage inspections in the sense that they are intended to provide an extensive evaluation of a property before the sale of the home is underway. They are ideally suited to buyers that would like the peace of mind that the property that they may purchase is safe and secure; but they can also be invested in by sellers that are keen to maximise their potential for a quick sale by offering reassurance to any interested bidders.

What do building inspection reports involve?

Generally speaking, these inspections can be as extensive or as minimalistic as the person hiring the expert requires. It does however make much more sense to hire a building inspector that will carry out more extensive checks; even if the expense is a little higher – simply to avoid any problems and stand a much higher chance of identifying issues and potential causes for concern.

A building inspection can help by allowing a professional and licensed expert to evaluate a variety of factors within a home, including its structure, the functionality of drainage and water systems, its insulation and other important elements such as the pest and termite condition. Furthermore, an inspector will work on behalf of the buyer as opposed to an agency or the seller – allowing them to approach their role in an unbiased manner; albeit one that will aspire to help the individual purchasing the property.

At the end of an inspection a report will be generated to provide further details to the buyer relating to the condition of the range of features and facilities that were evaluated during the inspection.

Are these building inspection checks hugely important?

Although in some cases they can be deemed an unnecessary expense; in more than a few instances these types of checks have helped to identify key issues within buildings – allowing the potential buyer to make a much more effective decision relating to whether or not they buy the property. In extreme cases inspectors have found problems that could potentially be dangerous, whilst in others they have identified pest infestations, land encroachments and much more in between; making the knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table as invaluable as it is recommended.

Roller Security Shutters Repairs

ShutterShop Security Shutters


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Custom Roller Security Doors & Shutters


100% No Deposit home loans & mortgages: how to borrow… this is the best way to buy a property with no deposit

Taking Advantage of No Deposit Home Loans

No deposit home loans are a unique type of financial solution that can help to minimise expenses by eliminating the need to save cash for a deposit when buying a home. In order to be eligible, certain criteria will need to be met; but for those that already own a property and would like to purchase another – they may be able to benefit from this type of home loan with minimal difficulty.

By using the financial value from the first home’s equity, it can become possible to negate the need to save for a deposit by relying on the equity to act to secure a new loan on both properties.

How do no deposit loans work?

If a home was purchased years ago, the chances are that its market value will differ now compared to its original price. This difference in value is known as equity and it’s this amount that can be used to act as a deposit on another type of loan – in this case a no deposit home loan. By using the equity to cover the cost of any deposit for the second home purchase, the new loan can be secured with the option to combine any outstanding loan on the first home with the second.

This can help to further minimise expenses, as instead of paying separate mortgages on two homes; a lender will often be willing to roll both into one single sum – making it much easier to keep on top of repayments in general.

Can anyone apply for a zero deposit mortgage?

As mentioned previously, there are certain criteria that can dictate whether an individual will be able to apply for this type of loan in particular.

In all cases, and when not using equity as collateral on the loan, the applicant will need to be able to demonstrate a clean credit score – with many banks demanding years of provable repayment records to consider an application viable. This is why zero deposit loans are often pursued by property developers and investors, as it’s these individuals that will often have the assets already in place to secure their new loan.

Anyone with at least one property to their name could also stand to benefit however, and whether the new home is being bought for investment or personal purposes; those that can turn to their own equity will be much more likely to obtain approval. For further information contacting a loans broker can be useful, as these mortgage experts will often be able to help with finding the right types of loans for individual needs.

No deposit home loans & mortgages: how to borrow 100% – this is the best way to buy a property with no deposit.


How bidding agents could save you money in the Sydney real estate market

Why is Sydney on such a hot run in 2017?

As prices keep rising in this harbour city the amenities in the area are well worth a mention, with dozens of cinemas, shopping malls, entertainment complexes and much more to enjoy.

The education in Sydney is one of the most highly rated in Australia, with dozens of public schools and half as many private alternatives. Buying a home and moving to the region this year is recommended by real estate experts in and around the country due to the fluctuating nature of the property market – with homes purchased now being expected to drop in price by 2020, but then increase again for the next 8 years (according to research).

Competitive Auctions.

With so much competition in the market, buying at auction can be very competitive. In this kind of environment it is easy to overpay on the day of the auction, hence the reason to consider using a buyers agent.

Sydney Lifestyle

With a comfortable lifestyle, a friendly atmosphere and plenty to see and do, living in Sydney is a dream that only a handful of people get to achieve each year, but making the moves to make that dream a reality right now could have you enjoying the stunning region in next to no time.

Cohen Handler Buyers Agents 2017

When buying a new home there are so many things that need to be considered – such as personal specifications, your budget and also the legal processes which is involved, and the list seems almost endless. But because there is a lot more than meets the eye when purchasing property, some  homeowners or investors look for the help of a buyers’ advocate agency to take care of all of the complicated work. A buyer’s agent works for the interests of the purchaser unlike a selling agency which looks out for the seller – to source the right types of property for their client.

While many home hunters believe that advocates will take the side of the property owner in order to push for the sale of the property in question the truth is that, as you are the one retaining the agent, they will only work with your personal specifications in mind.

Can bidding agents (known as buyers agents) save you money at an auction

bidding agents Sydney

Can a Buyer’s Agent Save You Money on Your Purchase?

In the simplest terms, a buyer’s agent is often tasked with representing their client as they undergo the process of buying a house. Unlike a real estate agent that will typically act on the behalf of the seller; a buying agent will offer similar services to their clients – albeit on the other side of the fence. Most of these experts will specialise in several services; including the ability to find suitable homes for their client, the potential to negotiate fairer costs and other similar solutions.

Can a buyer’s agent save you money on your purchase?

In a nutshell, the answer to the above question would have to be yes. A buyer’s agent can be considered the middle-person when dealing with the purchase of a property. Not only can they save money for their client, they will usually also be able to help with minimising the stress that’s often associated with buying a new house.

They do this by taking care of the technicalities; from finding suitable homes by getting to know what the buyer wants and expects, to corresponding with other agents (as well as the seller) in an effort to find the ideal solution for their client. When it comes to saving money, most buying agents will pay special attention to dealing with the seller of the home – or their representation.

In these cases the agent will usually be able to negotiate fairer prices than those requested by the seller, before reporting back to the buyer and allowing them to make the final decision.

How much money can these experts help to save?

This will depend on the value of the home and the amount that the seller is willing to drop down from their initial asking price. In some cases large deductions can be achieved, with tens of thousands of dollars being knocked off of the price. In others, smaller percentages can be taken advantage of – but considering that many buyers can enjoy savings of between $5,000 and $25,000 AUD, it is understandable why so many people are considering taking on the services of buying agencies.

The difference that these experts can make to the purchase of a home can be very substantial, so much so that they are rapidly becoming the first ports of call for new house buyers wanting to minimise their stress, their expenses and their effort. With a buyer’s agent on board, the potential to enjoy a cheaper purchase can be very prominent and some even work alongside mortgage brokers to offer a wider range of services to first time house buyers, as well as those hoping to purchase properties for investment purposes.

Three Effective Duct Cleaning Methods

Three Effective Duct Cleaning Methods

Ducts have been used for centuries to help with ventilation and filtration, and these days it’s not uncommon to see them featured within chimneys, furnaces, and fireplaces in general. Although most are constructed in a way that can minimise dirt and grime build up, it can be important to give them a quick clean from time to time (at least twice a year as experts recommend).

As grime builds up, toxic liquids can begin to seep back downward and into the source of heat; often resulting in chemical fumes that can sometimes be harmful to those nearby. To avoid these events it’s best to keep a duct as clean and clear as possible, and within this article we’ll be covering three effective duct cleaning methods that can be done at home.

The extraction technique

Many duct cleaning agencies such as HomeProsGroupEdmonton make use of extraction tools and hardware, and as expected this cleaning method typically relies on the utilization of high powered fans to suck dirt, debris, and grime out of a vent or shaft. Most devices will come complete with sealant accessories to ensure that the shaft is air tight, making it fairly straight forward to suck dirt and potential obstructions from the duct.

Chemical cleaning

Although the word chemical is often associated with risk and danger, when it comes to cleaning a duct there are some chemicals that can be ideal for breaking down stubborn oils and fumes that have turned into liquid. In these cases you may need to gain access to the duct itself, and this can often require the removal of a furnace and its surrounding components. The chemicals can then be wiped across the surface of the shaft, or applied to a cleaning accessory that can be slid up and into the vent.

Hiring a professional duct cleaning company

Cleaning a chimney, especially one that is used often, can be quite challenging for those without the knowledge and expertise to do so efficiently. Hiring an expert duct cleaning agency can help to remove stress and effort, whilst offering the best quality results. Most agencies will have access to the most effective cleaning equipment and facilities. Being able to rely on an expert to come out and take care of the cleaning from time to time can be very beneficial, especially if they offer a low rate and reliable results.

In most cases a quick clean can be sufficient, but there can be times where dirt and debris fall from external sources, or when brickwork suffers with damage and crumbles into the duct; possibly causing a blockage. In these cases it’s important not to disrupt the blockage, as it can result in more damage occurring within the shaft. Instead, hiring an expert may be the better option – as they will likely be able to identify the best course of action

Passive Fire Protection

trafalgar access panels

Three Ways to Fireproof an Office Building

Commercial premises are required by Australian law to maintain a particular level of safety and security in order to remain functional. When it comes to fire proofing and passive fire protection there are some products on the market that can be far more effective than others. In this piece, we’ll be identifying three of the most beneficial products available – and seeing how they work.

Intumescent Fire Dampers

IFDs, or intumescent fire dampers as they are commonly referred to in full, come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be fitted into ceilings, floors and walls in equal measure. They rely on a unique mechanism that allows air flow to take place within particular features (i.e. where they are installed), whilst restricting the movement of fire if it ever occurs. They can be especially useful when containing fire within a particular location and some models can be fitted with exhaust fans to stop fire from being able to spread outside of a room, whilst other measures help to quell the blaze.


This branded product is one of dozens available on the market; although it is widely considered that FyreWrap is one of the most effective. When purchased it takes on the appearance of a roll of silver material, but it is the composition of this material that actually makes it so effective for use against fires. It is so strong and durable that it can withstand even the most excessive levels of heat from fire for between two and three hours – allowing for more than enough time for emergency services to arrive and put out the blaze. Additionally, the material will protect anything that it is wrapped around from heat and smoke.

Fire Doors

As their name might suggest, fire doors are ideal for containing fire within particular rooms. The majority can withstand the highest temperatures without difficulty – and there are even some on the market that rely on a unique carbon-polymer composition that can help them to stand strong and remain resilient when everything around them crumbles. When paired with advanced fireproof walls, floors and ceilings it can be possible to put an immediate end to fires caused by electrical faults. Furthermore, fire doors can be installed in place of regular ones and when combined with FyreWrap products and other similar fire-resistant accessories, the concerns caused by fire will be fairly minimal to say the least.

Although all offices will be responsible for ensuring that they comply with Australian health and safety laws, the fact that the above products are so effective and can last for a lifetime can be more than enough reason to consider investing in them. They are as affordable as they are effective and when using them within an office building; the risk of fire damage can be all but eliminated

Custom Home Builders – top tips for new home builds

Adding New Features to a Home

In Austin, Texas, it’s a legal obligation for home owners to apply to the local land registry office whenever they wish to undertake a renovation on a home. In order to add new features to a home, the same application process will need to be followed – and once approved, the owner will be free to pursue their remodelling project however they see fit.

One of the most effective ways to increase the chance of obtaining approval is by investing in the services of a licensed and certified home building service such as Glazier Homes; a specialist service operating in Austin. These custom home builders have helped hundreds of their clients to enjoy entirely personalised properties from the ground up – and unlike regular construction companies that simply strive to provide the shell of the new home; Glazier specialise in developing concept diagrams, floor plans, interior design and furnishing.

See Glazier Homes – custom home builders

Adding a new feature to a home

A new feature can be as small as a new driveway, or a brand new set of walls – or even adding a new room to the property. These features are best left to the professionals to manage and in many instances, this will be a legal requirement in order for the land authorities to approve an application. For home owners, the choice of features that can be added to their house can be wide and varied and can often include:


Conservatories and porches are some of the most popular additions to homes in Texas, and when hiring a custom home building agency, they can offer a range of styles and features to choose from. From those that feature large glass panels to add a little more luxury to the property, to the types that offer traditional aesthetics to provide a classier look to a home; the options are almost endless.


If a home could benefit from a new driveway, then a reliable construction company could certainly help. There are some like Glazier Homes that specialise in the development of these types of features; from the types that utilise small pebbles to provide a smooth surface for vehicles to park on, to those that feature tiles and slabs of rock instead.

Attic Extensions

Being able to put an attic to good use can be a dream for most home owners as the majority will find themselves relying on the space for storage purposes. When converting these features, especially with the help of a licensed renovation company, the potential to take full advantage of the space available and turn the location into another functional room can be far easier to take advantage of.

These are just a few of the most common types of features that can be added to a home and a good custom home construction agency will undoubtedly be able to present dozens more

Social media advertising on Facebook to sell your home

how to sell your home using facebooks inner west

What Options Are Available to Homeowners  Advertising Via Facebook To Sell Their Home?

Every year thousands of home sellers, both new and old, sign up to Facebook advertising plans – and with some being free and others requiring small investments depending on their social media budget, it’s no wonder why so many sellers consider taking advantage of the potential. Although the website is fairly easy to navigate for its users, some find that the promotional solutions can be somewhat confusing and a little more difficult to address.

Thankfully, Facebook has introduced a range of help options to those wanting to make use of their advertisement features – but what exactly are these features and how do they differ from one another?

Paid Advertising

Facebook offer a variety of advertising options to businesses and one of them includes paid advertising. As the term suggests, businesses can invest in this solution to ensure that they reach the right types of audiences, as well as market to the most relevant customers. But how can they ensure that their cash is invested as effectively as possible?

Customisable Promotion

This is where customised, or personalised promotional solutions come in handy – and as each campaign can be created and modified from the ground up, it’s easy to ensure that a particular audience can be reached with little difficulty. Facebook collect information on their users; from their ages and locations, right through to their preferences and activities online. For businesses hoping to focus their attention on a specific type of customer, this can be incredible beneficial.

Tailored Ads

Rather than proposing advertisements for companies to choose from, Facebook also allow their professional users to upload their own designs – as long as they conform to the size restrictions proposed by the platform itself. Many of these ads can be paid for in advance, or even by using daily-payment methods – and in most cases, they will display along the right hand side of a potential customer’s social media page (and those that they visit).

As the social media platform takes care of its own research, they will be able to implement the most relevant adverts depending on what a particular user is interested in the most; and this can maximise the potential for a business to make sales. It’s not just static ads that pop up either; there are also options to upload video advertisements that will be featured in between clips that can be watched, as well as on-page ads that can sometimes appear as ‘suggested’ within a person’s timeline, as they browse Facebook itself.

Make your garden beautiful with the tree removals specialists, trim the palms and remove the stumps.

Gardening Services

The treatment and maintenance of trees and larger bushes is something that should only ever be undertaken by expert gardeners and tree surgeons. Anything less than this and the project could end up taking a negative toll on the plant life around it. Tree removals in particular are some of the most involved tasks when it comes to the landscaping and maintenance of organic gardens, parks and even roadside soil beds.

What does the removal involve?

As you may have guessed from the name of this type of service, the overall task will be to remove the tree present, including its roots. There are several ways to do this, from cutting the trunk of the tree horizontally and then sawing a criss-cross pattern into the exposed stump to ensure that a fresh trunk can’t take hold, all the way to using heavy machinery to remove the tree in its entirety.

Sydney gardening services and general garden maintenance.

Cutting the trunk

For this process a chainsaw will usually be required, but for thinner trunks it is possible to use a saw. For those undertaking the former activity, they will require a valid chainsaw license (as holding anything less than this can cause an offense punishable by law). This is why good tree surgeons will make a point of keeping on top of their licenses and qualifications. The trunk can be sawn through in any event – with either the stump left or prepared for complete removal, by a tractor or similar vehicle.

Removing the stump

Once the bulk of the tree has been removed most areas will experience a greater flow of light, but the stump can still pose somewhat of an obstacle. In larger trees, this stump will be held firmly in place by its roots; a collection of underground tendrils that can go on for several metres. It is possible to dig around the tree stump and cut through the roots, allowing the excess to decompose underground. The more preferred method would be to have the entire stump pulled away in one go with a high powered vehicle – especially those that are designed to do exactly this.

In all instances, the removal of a tree shouldn’t be as time consuming as it might seem; especially when hiring the right tree care expert. These specialists will evaluate the condition of all plant life nearby, especially that of the tree that needs to be removed. Once the measurements have been taken, the removal process can begin and this in itself should only take up a few hours of a day. It’s worth noting that the larger the tree, the more involved the process can be – but in most instances, a specialist will provide a time estimate should the home owner request one.

Visit PlantedPassion for landscaping in Perth

Space Solutions : custom storage cabinets and closets for home and garage

Common Features of Custom Built Closets & Cabinets for the Home or Garage

Many homes enjoy the wide range of functionality afforded by custom built cabinets; and you can even find them put to good use within professional premises, too. Unlike traditional storage units, these variants are ideal when a little more personalisation is required. This could be because of the limited space available within a house or garage; or when they are being installed within a bedroom (especially when off-ground storage is more preferred).

What makes these storage facilities different?

Where regular cabinets might feature normal doors, shelves and drawers – those that are built to suit a specific purpose can include these and much more. They can be modified to fit into a specific angle, or they can have their own proportions modified to ensure that they can be installed where necessary. This is something that most normal cabinets can struggle to offer and considering the low cost of having a unit customised to suit a requirement; it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to them within their own properties.

The common features of customised cabinets and wardrobes

There are several features that these types of cabinets use, often as standard, which regular types don’t. The first is a vital component if longevity and the security of internal property is a priority (and it’s waterproofing). The ability to fit waterproof features and functions to a cabinet can make a lot of difference; and this is especially beneficial if the unit is intended to be used outside in a garden, or inside of a shed where temperatures can drop and water can get in.

Another feature are the customised shelving units, which can be installed to run the entire height and width of a unit, or placed sparingly to allow additional storage above or below the shelf. Depending on the size and shape of the cabinet it’s even possible to introduce customised shelves that can cater to specific angles, or ones that can be cut away to allow other features to be included.

For latest designs in custom home storage solutions you can see Forbes magazine



A cabinet won’t be complete without drawers and these additional features can certainly be included within personalised storage units. The size and depth of the drawers can be modified to ensure that they fit appropriately within the units – or they could be left out altogether in favour of other features, such as poles for hanging garments.

These are a few of the most commonly found features within personalised cabinets, but the truth is that a good supplier will be able to introduce almost any number of specific preferences and functions to one that they are putting together for a customer. Regardless of the space available and no matter the cost; these types of storage unit can be very beneficial to a home and with stylish aesthetics always being an option; they won’t typically detract from the look and feel of a house.

These days people even have bespoke custom design wine cellars!!

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Using an agent to buy you home could be a wise move in today’s Sydney property market

Buyers Agent Sydney

Finding a Buyer’s Agent

The first thing that you need to do when hiring a buyer’s agent is to make sure that they work in the same area(s) that you are looking to buying in. It is essential that your buyer’s agent is local and therefore familiar with not only the locations, but with the current property prices and market trends as you need them. Hiring a buyer’s guide who has no experience in your desired area can lead to extensive overpayments, or even problems when it comes to leasing issues and development permissions.

What is a Buyer’s Agents Role?

A buyer’s agent can be as involved in the purchase of a property as you need. The most basic role sees a buyer’s agent bidding on the property of your choice for you at auction and the most inclusive sees a buyer’s agent sourcing properties that meet your criteria and negotiating the purchase of the property ultimately chosen by you. This can be for individual properties, or an entire portfolio depending on your personal needs.

What Can a Buyer’s Agent Offer You?

The most important thing that a buyer’s agent can offer you is the unique property know-how that only a professional in the real estate sector is privy to. Not only can a buyer’s agent help you to source the right type of property, they can advise you on prime locations, potential prospects for capital growth and how to make the most out of the properties that you are interested in- in terms of current market indicators. A buyer’s agent will consider how the potential in each individual property can suit your needs based on their extensive experience, and this can save you not only time and money, but also stress throughout the entire buying process.

Information Services:

A buyer’s guide will inform you every step of the way with the property buying process, from viewing the property all the way to negotiating contracts. Your buyer’s guide will educate you on the entire process, so that you can understand exactly what you are committing to when it comes to buying a particular property.

Planning and Executing Property Showings:

Your buyer’s agent will create a portfolio of properties that meet your requirements and set up viewings so that you don’t have to. Once all of the groundwork is done (research, seller interviews, etc.) it is your agent’s responsibility to escort you to each of the viewings. Once here your agent will advise you on mitigating factors, price brackets, negotiations and more to ensure that you get the most from both the property and the deal.

Buyers Agents Predict Sydney Property Market Forecast 2017

sydney buyers agents

How Will Sydney’s Property Market Fair in 2017?

Sydney is considered by many to be the heart of Australia and with a thriving economy and a host of successful markets considering the region their home – it’s no wonder why. The property market is by far one of the largest in the country, but with the recent trend of values surging, how does 2017 look set to play out for those hoping to buy or sell properties?

Sydney Property Market Forecast 2017

As the end of 2016 is rapidly drawing to a close, many home buyers found themselves uncomfortably situated between a rock and a very hard place. With banks dropping their rates to cater to the recent increase in the value of an average home in Sydney, even this wasn’t a dependable option for many home buyers.

This led to an increase in relocation, especially between those that were previously living in Sydney looking to travel into other regions; namely Tasmania and Perth. By the middle of 2016 the property market had witnessed a 4.6% increase in home values, when compared to the same time last year. By the end of the fourth quarter of 2016, this amount seems to have steadied, but not after climbing a further 2.2%.

What do the experts say?

In most scenarios, this rapid climb in the value of properties will typically be faced with a comfortable decline over the course of the next couple of years; but many experts disagree with this theory and predict an even larger climb as 2017 comes around. As we enter the New Year, the market is expected to undergo an initial increase of between 1.5% and 2.8% before climbing further still, until the close of 2017 sees highs of 11 to 16 percent.

What does this mean for buyers?

Now may not be the best time to invest in the property market and this includes buying a house in Sydney. Experts have predicted that in 2018, the market is due a decline and prices will drop quite substantially; if not drastically. This means that next year might not be the ideal time to purchase a home, but it could present a great opportunity for those hoping to obtain mortgages, or buy a property outright in 2018 through to 2021.

How can this affect sellers?

Although many people are holding off on their spending while the markets undergo the increase that they are currently experiencing; home sellers are in a very good position to turn an appealing profit. If a sale price can be agreed upon many owners can expect to enjoy up to 22% increases to the costs of their homes, when compared to their values just five years ago. Selling after 2017 is predicted to offer lower profit potential, but until the second quarter of 2017 passes, these predictions can be all but impossible to ascertain.

It Is Vital To Keep Your Air Conditioning Serviced To Avoid Repairs

AC Units

Air Conditioning Come Out For Both Repairs and Maintenance All Over Sydney

What Issues Can Result in an HVAC System Needing Repair

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning units (or HVAC systems for short) are responsible for providing both hot and cold air, depending on their user’s requirement. Although most manufacturers (Haier, VS and other reputable brands) will construct their products to last, as with all electronic devices there can be things that will detract from their effectiveness; or put them out of service altogether.

Air con costs can go through the roof without proper maintenance

How air conditioning makes electricity more expensive for everyone |

Whether you’re a boatie or not, everyone realises the importance of keeping the water on the outside when you go sailing or fishing. The less leaky the boat, the less you have to rely on devices like bilge pumps to stay afloat. What does this have to do with houses?

When these incidents occur it’s not uncommon for air con repairs to be required – and these should only ever be undertaken by trained experts and qualified professionals. But what events can lend a hand in these types of occurrences and how can they be avoided? Here’s a look at some of the most frequent things that can result in damage, as well as how best to treat them.

External blockages

The exterior part of an HVAC system might be easy to overlook, but the truth is that it is also one of the first parts of the set-up to be affected. Being located externally means that the extractor fan will be exposed to the elements on a daily basis (making it prone to sun and water damage), as well as running the risk of debris and blockages building up within the fan and internal pipework. To treat these events, it’s advisable to hire the services of an expert to check these parts from time to time.

Pipe damage

All systems will rely on water in one way or another – and when left unused for prolonged periods of time, it’s not uncommon for the pipes that transport water to suffer with damage. From experiencing mould all the way to rusting within certain joints and fittings; keeping on top of this type of damage can be very important. Fortunately HVAC experts are able to take care of these events, as well as repair and treat areas that may be suffering.

Internal issues

With so many components present within an internal system (specifically the ventilation area), it’s not uncommon for parts to rust, break down, or find themselves exposed to water if levels are able to get too high. Although most modern systems will shut down to avoid the risk of conducting electricity if water is able to escape its compartments; this won’t prevent damage from taking place. In these instances, an expert will need to be called out to review the damage sustained, as well as whether a repair or a replacement might be required.

Although other issues can arise, these are three of the most prominent and are widely accepted as some of the most common causes for faults within air conditioning systems. In all cases it’s best to have a professional evaluate the situation, as opposed to fiddling with potentially dangerous components that may contain their own levels of electronic current.

Keep your electricity costs down with proper AC repairs and maintenance

Will The Brisbane Property Market Perform As Well As The Rest Of Australia In 2017

forecasts for the Melbourne property market for 2017

The Facts behind the Brisbane Property Market Forecasts for 2017

Just last week, the Home Value Index Agency released their latest survey catering to the Brisbane property market 2017 and its first quarter. With several other regions experiencing a decline in market values (of which have been detrimental to home owners), these same areas have presented a fantastic opportunity for buyers hoping to save cash and purchase a cheaper than average property, while values are low.

How does Brisbane compare?

Although many regions are currently experiencing a decrease (ranging in severity), Brisbane on the other hand is undergoing a drastic climb – one that could spell the ideal opportunity for home owners looking to sell their properties. In the second quarter of 2016, property values in the region were at a comfortable +6.2% – almost double when compared to the same time last year.

When considering the 3.8% incline in 2015 (a percentage that still benefits home owners), it was quite surprising to see this amount increase by a whole 2% in the first quarter of 2016. Just three months later, this percentage climbed up to 6.2% – a further 0.4% higher than earlier on this year.

As the year comes to a close, many experts believe that the region will experience an impressive increase to values – and although not quite as high as the second quarter of 2016, the 6.1% value is still certainly something that home owners may want to cash in on.

What has caused this increase?

Throughout 2013 and until the end of 2015, Brisbane had experienced a rapid decline in the value of properties; mainly due to the fact that home prices had been so high. This habit of increasing and decreasing has been going on for years now, with the region currently experiencing an increase in market values – and these will eventually swing in favour of buyers.

Right now however, the potential for sellers to make more on the value of their homes is prominent. By aiming to sell within the first quarter of 2017, a home owner may be able to enjoy a healthy 6.1% increase on the value of their property. With the average property possessing a value of between $400,000 and $450,000 AUD – this can offer tens of thousands of dollars extra for sellers.

How to cash in on the increase in value

Many experts consider the recent survey to be a guideline, but with the accuracy of the past half a dozen released by the HVI; there’s minimal need to doubt the claims. If things pan out as expected, then early next year could certainly be one of the best times for owners to sell their homes; or for those willing to risk waiting a little longer, there’s always the chance that the second quarter could yield an even greater increase.

What does the Australian property market have in store for Melbourne & Sydney in 2017?

forecasts for the Melbourne property market for 2017

Melbourne property market forecast 2017

Melbourne Property Market Forecast 2017 and What it Means for Buyers

After a recent study was undertaken by the Home Value Index (HVI) agency, many experts have been considering the possibility of next year’s property market in and around Melbourne taking somewhat of a decline throughout the course of 2017. Although disputed by others within the field, this event is looking more and more likely to become a reality come February next year.

Although many people put this down to the fact that the region has undergone a rapid rate of improvement on an economical level over the past few years and is simply due a decline, others state that due to the increase in property values throughout the past decade; people are simply looking to purchase homes elsewhere.

The Facts

With the approach of the New Year, the Melbourne property market forecast 2017 survey has demonstrated that the region can expect a decrease of 0.2%, compared to other regions, such as Brisbane, which is expected to undergo an increase in property values by just over 6%. As minimal as this decline may be, the fact is that with the average home costing just under $600,000 – this can spell a loss of thousands of dollars for home owners hoping to sell.

As many buyers look to other regions when purchasing their first homes, experts have stated that this decline should be considered temporary. As the demand for accommodation has increased in Melbourne, specifically over the past decade, so too has the need for consumables and other necessities.

As a result of this increased demand supplies recently reached an all-time high – and a volume that can be very challenging to surpass. With costs of living on the rise, many residents of the region have been hoping to cash in early and take advantage of average market values in 2016 (a whopping 7.1% higher than costs just a decade ago).

In 2015 the market was selling at a rate of 9.9% higher than average valuations, before dropping by 2.8% in the space of 12 months. With a drop of just over 7%, next year certainly looks set to be one of the cheapest years to purchase a home in the region – but one that could cost home owners hoping to sell thousands of dollars.

In Summary

For sellers, the drop can certainly be considered drastic, but with experts saying that this decline is only the tip of the iceberg, many are considering selling as soon as possible to avoid future losses. On the other hand, buyers are being presented with a great opportunity; one that could save them thousands of dollars – especially if they plan on purchasing in the first quarter of 2017.

According to the summer edition of the Commonwealth Bank Property Insights report , Australia has experienced unprecedented levels of development, particularly in main centres. In fact, during April 2015, new building approvals peaked at almost 10,000. Although approvals are now decreasing, levels of construction have remained high, and should stay that way throughout 2017.

Source :

When considering a purchase, it’s not as simple as picking from a portfolio and paying a deposit; there’s the viewing process to undertake, not to mention putting in an offer, arranging paperwork and signing official documentation (all of which can take months). The first task is to find a home that is as suitable as it is functional and here are a few tips on the features to look for.

It’s easy to fall in love with the first property viewed – after all many potential buyers are so keen to purchase something that they can call their own, that they are willing to overlook their own preferences. This can be a very bad idea and will typically cause long term suffering. Instead of opting for one of the first viewed, it might be a better option to take a look at ten to twenty potential homes instead. By the fifth or sixth you’ll already have a better idea of what you’re looking for and this can work wonders for your final decision.

Buying a property isn’t like taking a trip to the local shopping mall and picking up a few trinkets. Choosing the right house takes time, effort and a little expectation. Most people will intend to purchase a single home in their lifetime – a central hub for their family to grow and live together in security. Unfortunately, many new home buyers in Australia make the mistake of rushing in to a transaction and are often left regretting their decision years later.

Finally, Things To Consider: Access to amenities

Shops, schools and other common facilities are all very important aspects to think about. For families with children, it won’t make much sense to live miles away from the nearest school, nor will it be logical to have to travel hours to the nearest shop. Being closer to amenities does have its bonuses, but it can be much busier than sparsely populated locations. It all depends on what you want and how far you are willing to drive to get around.

These are just a few things to think about when buying a house in Australia. For more advice, it’s worth getting in touch with an estate agent or representative.

Don’t Do Your Garage Roller Door Repairs Yourself – it needs an expert touch

garage door repairs by Star Door in Perth

Roller Door Repairs For Your Garage

Roller doors are amazing and provide a myriad of functional benefits for their users. They provide superior protection against the elements (wind and rain), provide insulation and save space by not swinging outwards or inwards like conventional doors. It is because of these advantages why any structural damage to our roller doors strikes such a damaging blow to us. It is in these desperate times when we seek out roller door repair Perth. Only the best door repair specialists should be considered when dealing with the complex nature of roller doors as even a small malfunction came mean the difference between safety and endangerment.

Whether your garage door opens and closes electrically or if you have to do it manually it is undeniable that just by being there that door multiplies the safety of your house manifold. Let’s face it, in almost all homes the most expensive thing that any family owns is; their car. There is also almost always a door within a garage that connects it with the rest of your house. With all of this said it is no wonder why a damaged garage door can prove to be a security nightmare for your possessions, namely your car, as well as your family as well. This is why whenever these things go wrong you need the best garage door repair in Perth that you can get.

A Merlin garage door has all the characteristics of a good door. First it provides optimal thermal insulation, so your garage is not too hot or cold and can help to reduce your electrical power rates significantly.

Its solid base provides optimum protection and safety. This is by far the most important characteristic of a door. Merlin garage door eliminates the possibility of forced entry into your home.

A Merlin garage door is long-lasting and durable. It allows saving money, and damage to these doors is minimal; therefore you may not have to spend any money on repair or replacement.

When getting a call out to repair household appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine you need a reliable company

When getting dishwasher, fridge, washing machine and stove repairs, sometimes prevention is the first call

Don’t overload your washing machine

Most washers will have a clearly defined weight marked on them and this will typically be in kilograms. Going over by a few hundred grams might not cause a problem, but if you over-stuff your machine, you could end up damaging the bearings and this is a rapid way to put your washer out of business.


Keeping the fridge cold

This is one of the most common problems that fridge owners can face. If it becomes obvious that a fridge is failing to keep cool on a consistent basis (typically via food spoiling sooner), then it could be down to any one of the following reasons.

The first relates to the internal rubber stripping that acts to seal the door when it is closed. If this seal is damaged, then air at room temperature can enter and this can cause an increase in internal temperatures. The second issue relates to the thermostat and if the responsible component is unable to function properly (sometimes due to age and other times down to damage), the fridge will struggle to maintain its core temperature.

In either event, it’s advisable to get in touch with a fridge repair specialist as they will be able to take care of the rectifications.

What can go wrong with washing machines?

Unclean dishes and cloudy glasses

The most common cause of this event is a lack of cleaning fluid (or relevant capsule). When we turn our dishwashers on, the first thing that will happen is that water will be mixed with the cleaning agent, before the formula is sprayed within the machine. If a cleaning agent is present, then the matter could relate to lime scale – which may or may not be obvious.

Identifying lime scale

All water consists of a variety of ingredients, even in its purest form. From magnesium to potassium – the chemical composition is as much a part of our drinking water as it is our cleaning water. Over time, these ingredients can begin to spoil, especially if left in humid conditions without any means to escape. This typically leads to lime scale and the more than this source is able to spread, the greater the impact will be on a dish washing unit.

Get a professional for your repairs

Hiring an expert for a professional stove repair is something that most home owners will face at some point in their residency. With so many unique components that go into the construction and functionality of a stove, it’s not uncommon for pieces to wear away or for blockages to occur. Both gas and electrical stoves can suffer with similar events, but the way in which these faults occur will differ.

RCD is now a safety requirement and all Air Conditioning Installations require one

installing RCD in western australia

RCD Installation & Air Conditioning Installers Perth

Electrical Services – Commercial

DLEletrical has in-house capabilities for design, installation and ongoing maintenance of commercial electrical installations and RCD installations.

Over the last 48 years WMcA has been involved with many new buildings and alterations around Hobart and Tasmania. These have included hospitals, schools, office buildings, residential developments, clubs, arenas, hostels and large commercial developments. We have established an excellent reputation in these area of work.

D&L has also branched into building automation. We have completed several projects and are in the process of being endorsed by Clipsal to install C-Bus Controls.

D&L is experienced in the following fields of Electrical Services:

General lighting
Emergency and evacuation lighting
Building automation
General power distribution
Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
Coupled with our Fire Detection, Security and Communications Divisions we can provide a total electrical solution.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

D&L has in-house capabilities for design, installation and ongoing maintenance of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

D&L holds an Australian Refrigeration Council Trading Authorization Certificate (Licence No. AU7199), with all works complying with Australian Government, Department of Environment and Water Resources, requirements.

D&L is experienced in the following fields of refrigeration:

Commercial heat pumps
Industrial heat pumps
Cool rooms
Freezer rooms
Ice machines
Marine refrigeration

Building inspections are a must before you consider purchasing a new home

uilding inspections in sydney & brisbane

The Benefits of Regular Building & Pest Inspections

If there’s one thing that wild animals have a habit of doing – it’s making their way into our properties without a trace. Once they find a safe, secure environment to call home, they’ll soon settle in and do everything in their power to avoid being removed. From the smallest pests like fleas, ticks and cockroaches, all the way to larger animals such as birds and racoons – if these species make their way into your building, you’ll have a hard task shifting them on your own.

In the worst case scenario, you may have to call out a professional exterminator, but not only can this service be costly and time consuming – the chemicals used during the process can actually be harmful to the environment and any occupants present within the building. A better option would be to reduce the chances of pests being able to settle into the building altogether – and that’s where regular pest inspections step up to the mark.

Address: 1/17-19 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 253 761

The main purpose of this type of report is to inform any parties involved with the purchase of the property, of all things relating to the premises. There are over 30 individual specifications that will need to be answered by the current owner, the selling agency and other establishments with information – and this can help a potential buyer to better understand what they are getting themselves into.

Not only can it be any incredibly beneficial to learn about any ongoing issues over land ownership, neighborhood conflicts and even animal restrictions – in many instances an insurance agency will only insure a home if it meets particular requirements. They may not care so much about any falling-outs between neighbors, but they will if those disagreements become a risk to the property itself.

First Before You Bid Consultants will carry out inspections on the following areas:

  • Standardised risk sectors – such as clear labelling of the activation switch for the pool filtration system and the correct display of an approved first aid/ resuscitation chart
  • Pool cleaning systems
  • Electrical hazards
  • Fencing requirements

Fitting custom built closets can save space in your home or garage

Fitting custom built closets can save space in your home or garage

As attractive as walk-in wardrobes can be, there are many people that prefer to keep their clothing storage facilities a little more portable. As far as this type of wardrobe is concerned, the options are almost endless. From soft material units that can be placed anywhere within a room for instant access all the way to shelving units that can be installed within any shape of closet (regardless of its angle or location inside of a room), the great thing about a customisable closet is that it can be modified to suit the home owner’s requirements.

Not all homes are fitted with sufficient storage space and as more and more property owners accumulate furniture, gadgets and clothing; the need for more suitable space has never been more in demand. Custom closets are often the first port of call and for good reason – they can be designed to make the most of any space without detracting from the overall aesthetic of a room; in a way that maximises storage potential.

Features To Consider in Custom Closets



Most closets will offer a variety of standard features, such as a rail or two and a set of shelves to place items. When it comes to minimising storage space, it makes much more sense to opt for built-in drawers that can securely house a variety of garments and accessories. Rather than settling for doors that open outwards, it makes a lot more sense to have a sliding door fitted – minimising the room needed for the closet, without restricting access to the doors.

By fitting these types of storage units, all corners of a garage can be used to their fullest potential to store paint pots, tools and everything in between. Thanks to the weather resistant properties of the metal used for these types of units, they can even be stored outside – as long as they are maintained from time to time to ensure their integrity.

Latest home deign trends can be found at the Guardian too

New interiors trends at Home design show

It’s no secret that Danish design is officially hot (after all, the Danes practically invented everything mid-century) but if this year’s new interior design show Home is anything to go by, then we’ll be rocking the Nordic vibe on our walls, beds, sofas, shelves and anywhere else we have room for it.

Sofa beds brighten up your living space, and make guests feel welcome

how to sell your home using facebooks inner west

Things to Look for When Buying Sofa Beds at Sydney’s Top Furniture Outlets

Living in an appealing location can offer a variety of benefits. From being able to enjoy a moderate climate all the way to experiencing what it feels like to be on holiday every day, there’s nothing quite like making the most of a laid back lifestyle, whilst surrounded by stunning scenery. As with most things however, there are also negatives to consider. For example, your property may play host to friends and family planning to take a break for a few weeks here and there – and expecting comfortable sleeping arrangements to be taken care of in the process!

Bedroom space isn’t always easy to organise, but there is one solution that can all but guarantee to offer sleeping facilities whilst acting as comfortable seating areas when not in use; and these are sofa beds. These unique items of furniture serve two purposes, with the first being able to offer fully functional sofas and the second option being that they can be modified into suitable beds.

With so many couch bed combinations on the market, it’s easy to go for the first one that springs to your attention and then potentially regret the decision later. So, how can you be sure to choose a bed that not only feels great, but is just as comfortable when in its seating position? Here are a few tips to help.

Comfort is key

Although uncommon, there are still manufacturers out there that prefer to cut corners in order to make the transition from seat to bed as simple as possible. Not only can these items of furniture be very uncomfortable when used as seating; they might not even be intended for long term use. A good compromise would be to source a sofa that includes all of the typical commodities offered by a normal couch; such as arm rests, cushions and even neck pillows.

Don’t overlook the aesthetics

A common mistake that many people make when buying sofas that convert into beds, is that they overlook the aesthetics in favour of functionality. In reality, there’s no reason why a sofa shouldn’t look as good as it feels when made into a bed. The best solution is to compare a variety of furniture models that will fit in with the design and colour scheme of their intended room; so as not to detract from the atmosphere once they are purchased and positioned.

The cost is important

With so many manufacturers out there, there’s minimal need to have to pay extortionate prices to get the type of sofa that appeals to you. If you find a style that you like that carries a very high price tag, consider looking elsewhere for a similar model – or search online for cheap alternatives and affordable discounts.

Carpet cleaning is best left to professionals like Conquest

perth carpet cleaners Lightning Dry

The Most Outstanding Carpet Cleaning Equipment Can Spruce Up Your Tired Carpets

Whatever your carpets or floors cleaning needs are, we are right there to help you. We have been providing professional service and customer satisfaction to commercial and industrial customers around Australia for years now, and we are ready to help you next.

Forget the Stress- We Will Handle the Mess

If you are getting ready to move out of your home or apartment, then you’re probably ready to clean out years of dirt and grime from your carpets.  Our professional cleaning equipment gets down deep where conventional cleaning products can’t. We remove layers of dirt, tough stains, and microscopic particles that have built up over time to leave you with a fresh looking, revitalized carpet. We specialize in end-of-lease cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Industrial floor surface cleaning is not just for when you’re moving out though. Australia has a high percentage of residents with allergies and asthma compared to most other Australian states and territories. That’s why it is important to use a professional carpet cleaning service that can eliminate dirt and dust particles that seriously affect people with asthma and allergies.

We also do concrete floor and tile cleaning, and can help you during Covid19 cleaning time. For people with high traffic floors, we offer the use of scrubbers and sweepers, either walk behind models or ride on.

We know you are busy, so let us handle the job of cleaning your carpets, and you can get back to your life.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

At our site we want you to be happy with the work we do. If you’re not completely satisfied with our carpet cleaning services, we will come back and clean your carpets again for free. Or if you prefer, we will refund your money and pay for your carpets to be cleaned by someone else.

We do our very best to ensure that the job gets done right the first time though. Using state of the art cleaning technology we pick up and eliminate even the dirt and dust you cannot see. We use cleaning products that are designed to be tough on stains but easy on pets and people with allergies.

Our cleaning technicians are all professionally trained and police screened to make sure you are getting skilled cleaning services that you can trust.

We are certain you will be happy with the service we provide. That’s why we are delighted to offer a free service quote when you contact us. You can see for yourself how much money you will be saving while still getting professional and courteous service.

Contact us today for all your home and business carpet cleaning needs.


There’s no denying that keeping a carpet or rug clean can be quite a challenge and that’s why so many people turn to specialist service providers that can be in and out of a home in no time; without an extortionate price tag.

Carpets and rugs feature within most homes in one form or another. Not only are they a great way to insulate a property during those colder months; they are often a focal point within a room and can help to define the style and overall aesthetics. Most people try to vacuum their carpets at least a few times a week (more if you have a larger family or pets), but in truth even this isn’t enough to keep dirt, bacteria and pests away.


The Two Most Important Things To Look Out For With A residential Carpet Cleaner


No one likes to be made to wait around – especially when it involves waiting in for someone to visit your home or office. When you book your cleaning company, don’t accept delays and inconveniences. A good agency will make it a priority to turn up when they agreed to do so. They will also stick to their agreed costs without trying to implement any hidden charges. If your potential provider is messing you around, if they don’t seem too keen to help, or if you find yourself having to chase them – look elsewhere.



There’s no greater way to learn what you can expect, than by checking the previous performance of a company. Again, reading their testimonials is the best course of action – but it can also be very beneficial to see a few before and after photos, too. Get to know what you can expect from hiring the possible provider and you’ll be in a much better position to make a decision.

Installing an IP CCTV Wireless Security Camera system around your home helps you sleep at night

Wireless CCTV Security

Being able to monitor and record your home with wireless CCTV is something that most homeowners will need to consider for security in a big city, as well as home owners hoping to add a little extra security to their properties. With thefts and burglaries on the increase, statistics suggest that criminals are simply becoming wiser to the angles and capabilities of cameras and surveillance systems.

CCTV installation can be a fairly straight forward task, with experts and security teams always on hand to take care of the hard work on behalf of their clients; but how possible is it to ensure that the right system has been put into place, as opposed to one that might not be as beneficial? Choosing to have a CCTV camera system installed can certainly add an extra layer of security – and here’s a look at the different types available to property owners.

Professional wireless CCTV circuit installation

Regardless of whether the cameras operate via Wi-Fi, or if they are connected by cable – all of them will need to be set up to feed data back to a network or circuit. This process can be very involved as it will require a server to be established, as well as a host of security protocols to be put into place. Furthermore, to ensure that the system is almost entirely fool-proof, further security measures will need to be applied to ensure that only those with approval are able to access the cameras and recorded data.

The clue is in the abbreviation CCTV, which stands for closed-circuit television. As the circuit will need to be closed it will be all but impossible for external parties to tap in to the network, so the property can relax in the knowledge that its surveillance is under lock and key. But what about those instances where a home or property owner would like the security cameras in and around their premises to be directly connected to a third party, such as a security firm, or an authority?

By opting for wireless CCTV installation around the external regions of a home, it will suddenly become an option to monitor all occurrences within any given area. Placing cameras in a position to watch car parks and to monitor windows, access points and other areas of interest can be beneficial; especially if crimes happen to take place.

It’s not just the protection from criminals to be considered however, it’s also the ability for a functional system to record all events; including accidents and mishaps. Hundreds of businesses face claims every year, many of which are fraudulent in nature. Without the proper evidence, a court can soon find favour with the apparent victim.

This leads on to the next benefit – this time relating to internal security and surveillance.

Industrial tools that can help you do renovations around the home available at good suppliers

industrial tools

Supliers of Three of the Most Effective Industrial Grade Tools

When visiting a DIY store, most customers looking for tools will often head straight to the most affordable section in a bid to minimise their costs, without sacrificing on the results of their projects. Most tools will be built to last – with many offering between two and five year warrantees for a little extra reassurance.

But if there’s one thing that these accessories can lack, it’s the power and performance that can most commonly be found within industrial tools – or those that are used for professional purposes. These products rely on advanced motors, reinforced structures and a host of other attributes, which make them as efficient as they are versatile.

Due to their high performance nature, they can be quite a lot more expensive than regular alternatives, but there are a few particular variants that boast very similar prices to their lesser counterparts. Here’s a closer look at five of them, what they can do and an idea of the price tags that they carry.

Angle Grinders

Capable of cutting through wood and steel with ease, not to mention also featuring interchangeable disks that can be used to grind, sand and cut – angle grinders are a must for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. Basic versions can cost anywhere up to $300 in Australia, but considering that the FLEX Angle Grinder 1400W L3410FR can be purchased for just $313.50, you’ll be getting an industrial grade tool at a very low price.


A heavy duty drill can make a lot of difference to any DIY project and considering basic models can cost between $400 and $800, whilst running at 500W, you might find that spending a little extra will be worth the investment. Powerful drills do require more energy, but they are capable of going through most materials with ease. The UNITEC Core Drill comes in at $2,400 (compared to other models at over $3,000) – but with a huge warranty and 2000W of power behind it, this is an investment that could outlast lesser models by decades.

Table Saws

Most contractors will rely on table saws to cut and shape wood, steel and other materials – but due to their functionality and size, they can often cost well over $6,000. There are cheaper alternatives however, such as the Raimondi Exploit 70 MY15 Saw – a device capable of cutting through metal as easily as tiles. At just under $2,100 this table tool can last for decades and as the disks are interchangeable, there’s always the option of buying spare saws as older ones wear away.

Each of these tools can offer incredible results at very fair prices. Although investing a few thousand dollars into a device may seem like a pretty hefty sum; it’s worth noting that these tools are built to last and can often be much cheaper than having to buy a variety of lower quality tools over the same amount of time.

Wall and feature removal can open up the space in your home to a modern open plan design

Hiring a Contractor on a Small budget

Construction projects can be as wide and varied as a home owner could imagine and with so many unique tasks and specialities offered by contractors; it can be vital to find one that can promise to meet your expectations. Whether you’re in need of a workman for a quick tile removal project, or if you have something a little more extensive in mind – the chances are that you won’t want to have to fork out hundreds of dollars when you may be able to receive the same service by going with someone else.

Now it’s fairly safe to assume that larger builds and developments will be much more expensive than say, your average floor sawing task – but even these bigger projects can vary in price depending on the agency chosen. As there’s no set fee for varying construction tasks, it will never be possible to define an actual cost per project; but there’s really no harm in approaching a few different providers to obtain a set of different costs.

Knowing what to look for when considering hiring a construction company for a specific project, like wall removal for example can also help to cut costs as you will simply be able to provide information on the type of material needing addressing, as well as its size. This can save the cost of an evaluation fee, or you could simply consider opting for a provider that offers a free, no obligation evaluation instead.

What is it that increases prices?

There are several things that can affect a quote, from the cost of labour, all the way to materials and resources. When on a budget, it’s not always an option to pick the most expensive materials that can offer more durability and longevity than cheaper alternatives. When these events arise, there’s no greater source of information than a construction company, as they will undoubtedly have a firm understanding of the types of resources available.

There will always remain the factor of budget however, but another important point to consider is that if a contractor doesn’t specialise in a particular activity that you’d like them to undertake; then they may charge more for their efforts. This makes finding a specialist agency very important – so much so that it’s actually well worth taking extra time to find an affordable expert that specialises in what it is that you require.

It can be quite easy to identify the types of traits that specialists possess; in fact many will actively promote their strongest assets via their websites. If you’re looking to have wood cut in to shape for your flooring, then you will want to avoid typical hammer and screw contractors, in favour of those with access to relevant tools and facilities that can help.

North Shore Plumber For Pipe Relining

North Shore Pipe Relining Plumber Installing Control Valves

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Check demolition companies out for a stylish rebuild

demolition companies sydney


Not only that, but good design should also incorporate materials that have a low environmental impact and are sustainable. It’s a philosophical shift that led to this year being declared the Year of the Built Environment (YBE 2004) across Australia – an initiative that’s designed to encourage Australians to celebrate and understand how structures, buildings and general surrounds make a difference to their quality of life. According to Caroline Pidcock, NSW president of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, it’s an important opportunity for Australians to question and understand how various principles affect the structures, buildings and streetscapes which form our built environment – and have a great impact on our lives and those of future Australians.

The YBE 2004 also addresses how important it is to make well-designed, architectural houses more accessible to the wider community, especially when they employ a professional demolition company and modern builders – something James Hardie is committed to and which is becoming increasingly important to your average new-home buyer. Recent Australian research* into home exterior preferences has shown that most people regard the exterior of their home as an expression of their individuality. They’re looking for an exterior that’s stylish, comfortable, enduring and characteristically Australian. If you think that means brick, think again.

The same survey showed that while Australian new-home buyers have largely owned brick homes in the past, most would prefer a non-brick look for their new

Construction Company Kaleidoscope With A Brief For Coastal Building

The brief for our Sydney Construction Company

Demolitions & Rebuild – knock downs are back in fashion

The diversity of landscapes and climatic conditions across Australia and New Zealand not only has a huge impact on our lifestyles, but also acts upon our psyches in subtle ways. It helps to define our sense of ‘home’ – whether that be the tropical beaches of Northern Queensland, the bustling metropolitan centres such as Sydney and Melbourne, or the remote alpine regions of New Zealand’s South Island. But it’s not just the natural landscape that enters our psyches and says ‘you belong here’.

Consider the impact that our architectural landscape plays in creating our sense of place. What could be more fundamental to our sense of who we are and where we come from than the homes we choose to build and live in? In Australia, brick homes have been the norm in most parts of the country, while in New Zealand, weatherboard homes have historically been the quintessential residential style.

Of course, a wide variety of other ‘imported’ architectural styles have had their periods of popularity – most notably in recent years it’s been the ‘Mediterranean look’. Originally intended to make a statement of difference, in some areas that look has now become almost ‘standard’ and, while the style may suit regions with a ‘Med-like’ climate, in less gentle climes it’s now increasingly seen as misplaced. Today, there is a growing recognition among architects, builders and enlightened homeowners, that good design is not something that can be appropriated, but rather, is something that should evolve in response to our own landscapes, climates and lifestyles.

The existing three-bedroom house is semi-detached and has an old style rear -with the service rooms currently positioned between the living areas and the back courtyard. Archicentre, the home advisory service of the Australian Institute of Architects, asked Roger Barrett of Barrett Pinet Architecture to open up the home to the rear and maximise the relationship between indoors and out.

The design
The home has no off-street parking, so there is an upper limit in sale price after renovation. That said, architect Roger Barrett maintains that the house can still comfortably take a “careful investment” in new works without over-capitalising the property. The renovations will substantially improve the home for its new occupants.

The proposed design rearranges the rooms at the rear of the house to give better access between the living area and courtyard by demolishing the existing kitchen, laundry, WC and bathroom and re-aligning the rear wall.

New folding doors to the rear would allow the living space to be completely opened to the courtyard for a more contemporary indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The bathroom, WC and laundry meanwhile would be more conveniently located near the bedrooms. The courtyard would be tiled. Skylights would be placed over the new living area, as well as over the attic.

What Scyon™ products could be used?
Secura™ wet area flooring for the new bathrooms (and even under tiles in the kitchen). Read more about it here.

Property Buyers Agents Can Work To A Brief

Property Buyers Agent Cohen Handler was selected to develop the following brief for the potential buyers of a Melbourne home.

“The home is a traditional single-storey, two-bedroom Victorian weatherboard cottage on a wide, open, tram-lined street,” says Christopher. “A two storey solid brick extension, added in the 1980’s, comprises a spiral staircase and two very large bedrooms at the rear. The family hopes to blend the indoor/outdoor area, add an en suite downstairs, a loo upstairs, and strike a fine balance between Victorian and modern style.”

In his Archicentre Renovation Report, Christopher does not tamper with the heritage-protected façade. He creates a walk-in-robe off the master bedroom with private access to the communal bathroom, which would replace the existing living room.

Moving into the hub of the house, Christopher uses the existing dining area to propose a magnificent staircase. “The new stair will back on to a glass wall that extends to the ceiling, treated with opaque glass or corrugated fibreglass to allow diffused light to shine through.”

Behind the glass staircase wall would be a skinny light court. Meanwhile under the stairs, a storage unit and opposite the fridge, a washer and dryer concealed behind panels.

The existing spiral staircase and bathroom comes down and in its place a neatly geometric kitchen equipped with an indoor/outdoor bench to house the fridge, the hot plates and passing through a window wall to the garden, a barbeque with additional bench space for food/drink preparation.

In a word: civilised.

“We considered keeping the kitchen where it presently is,“ says Christopher, ” but felt that the new location is a better sitting space. There’s a good view from there and it’s a nice, undisturbed pocket. At the moment, a lot of this area is the transitional walking space and we wanted an area that is out of the way for sitting, a space ideal for a long couch, a coffee table and a backdrop wall to hang art.”

Up the stairs leads to an expanded first floor children’s wing with roomy landing, study nook, two dedicated bedrooms with wardrobes, bathroom to share and highlight windows to obtain good afternoon reading light. “The kid’s domain should offer an agreeable journey up stairs with northern light filtering through over the kitchen.”

Estimated project costs ranged between:

Item Low est High est
Additions/refurbishments $65,000 $90,000
Kitchen $ 20,000 $30,000
WIR $   3,000 $  4,000
Bathrooms $ 25,000 $34,000
Bedroom robes $  3,000 $  5,000
Joinery – living room, study $10,000 $20,000
Dining room $  4,000 $  6,000
General repairs $  5,000 $10,000
Heating $  5,000 $  8,000
TOTAL $140,000 $207,000

Best Luxury Home Builder Designs For Beach Houses

The site of Best Luxury Home Builder Designs For Beach Houses in Perth

The site is a vacant block in a small street close to the beach. Most of the blocks in the street have been built on. The rear of the block abuts a foreshore reserve and faces north. There is a slight slope towards the rear. The soil conditions appear to be sandy.
A test will be required to establish the exact conditions.

There are some trees and shrubs at the front and rear of the site and down the east side.
Nothing substantial! The foreshore reserve has coastal tea trees and banksias. A path winds through this reserve from the property to the Ventnor beach.

From the beach the houses in an adjoining street are not visible above the coastal vegetation. There are established two storey houses on the east and west sides. Both houses are typical light weight ‘shadow line’ style holiday houses partly supported on steel columns. There is a sewerage easement along the east side.

News related to first home buyers grant increases in Perth

First homebuyers grant increased

THOSE struggling to buy their first home have been given an extra boost with the WA Government increasing the First Home Owners Grant as well as Keystart lending criteria. The grant has increased by $5000 up from $10,000 and will take effect from January 1,2017 for 12 months.

Clients’ requirements
A four page brief was provided by the clients. This was discussed at the pre-report stage meeting and notes were made. At the meeting and as later advised, the following requirements were noted:

  • The ground floor will most likely be raised up to increase the overall height of the house and to ensure there is the best possible views from the first floor balcony over the coastal reserve vegetation.
  • If necessary the clients would like to obtain a Planning Permit if it means there is the possibility to increase the height above 7 metres.
  • The lift may be required. A position should be reserved for it anyway. A Chair lift is an alternative.
  • A separate powder room will not be required at first floor because the en-suite will also cater for the visitors when necessary.
  • Bath not required in ground floor bathroom.
  • Separate toilet and bathroom required at ground floor.
  • No shower in laundry.
  • Bedroom 4 can be smaller as chairs in living area will be adequate.
  • Treadmill and exercise bike space required.
  • Drum kit also needs storage space.
  • Sewing machine space required (can be used on a table).

The proposal
The main design features are:

  • Main approach from existing crossing at the south west corner has been retained and accentuated. Also retain entrance shrubs and trees near street.
  • Free standing garage or carport on the east side will dominate the approach view to the house.
  • Upon arrival at the entrance to the house there will be views through the glazed lobby to the ground floor unit and the stairs to the first floor. This will provide a straightforward and safe approach to all accessing the house whether they residents, guests or visitors.
  • A lift could be positioned in the lobby area.
  • The building will be set back from the side boundaries the minimum distance so as to provide the maximum north facing aspect across the beach frontage.
  • The ground floor will be raised on a suspended concrete slab or concrete slab on fill.
  • The deck level at first floor will be raised as high as possible. Levels and roof lines may need to be manipulated to obtain this outcome. The final height and set back profile will be subject to council approval (or VCAT decision).
  • The deck at ground floor level will be approximately 800mm above ground level.
  • Living areas and north facing bedrooms at ground level and first floors will have large double glazed windows and doors providing optimum views towards the beach.
  • Ground and first floor kitchens will be on the south sides of the living areas.
  • The ground floor bedrooms 2 and 3 will have garden views towards the street.
  • Windows will be powder coated aluminium or weather resistant timber.
  • First floor structure will be pine trusses.
  • The roof will be Colorbond tray deck.
  • Walls, floors and roof space will be heavily insulated.
  • We recommend an electric boosted solar hot water unit and rain water tank to flush toilets.
  • Data and voice cabling will be provided to all main rooms.
  • Passive solar design features include north facing double glazing, overhangs and balcony sun protection, ventilation fans, vents in ceiling and a concrete slab.

Opinion of probable costs
Based on current rates, subject to a more detailed site inspection and based on competitive tending, the opinion of probable cost is:

Item Low est High est
Site preparation $   6,000 $   8,000
Fill for slab or suspended slab $ 12,000 $ 15,000
New building works, balcony and deck $280,000 $320,000
Fitout first flr kitchen $ 15,000 $ 18,000
Fitout ensuite $ 15,000 $ 18,000
Fitout grd flr kitchen $ 10,000 $ 12,000
Fitout grd flr bathroom and toilet $ 12,000 $ 14,000
Fitout laundry $ 10,000 $ 12,000
Garage $ 30,000 $ 35,000
Dtiveway topping $   4,000 $   6,000
Total excl GST $394,000 $458,000

This doesn’t include:

  •  Fences or gates
  •  Electrical appliances
  •  Light fittings
  •  Consultant fees and permit fees
  •  Service connections to site
  •  Building + Planning Permit fees
  •  Landscaping

What Scyon™ products could be used?

To work with the Colorbond sheeting and galvanized steel recommended by the architects for the external walls the cladding products like Scyon™ Matrix™ or Linea™ weatherboard may be appropriate.